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Attending SaaStr Annual 2022? Let's Find a Time to Meet

I'm Tanner Kovacevich, an Investment Director at Lighter Capital. If you need help fueling your startup's growth, let's find a time to meet.

I can help your startup access an unmatched combination of up to $4 million in non-dilutive financing, professional networking resources, product discounts, and capital partner connections that can accelerate your growth on your terms.

Tanner Kovacevich, Mountain West Investment Director

Thinking of selling equity to raise capital?

This simple online tool will show just how much value and ownership I can help you retain, compared to traditional equity sources.

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As our Mountain West Investment Director, I extensively collaborate with B2B SaaS and other technology-focused companies.

I usually start with an introductory conversation to learn more about your startup’s needs and how Lighter Capital can help.

In the past year alone, I've helped 20-plus startups in health care, enterprise B2B SaaS, e-commerce, and other sectors secure non-dilutive financing of up to $4M, plus gain access to $75K in product discounts, partnership programs, and CEO networking activities.

Schedule a time with me to learn how I can help your startup.

About Tanner

Schedule time with me

I make the fundraising process simpler and easier

"Working with Lighter Capital was actually a pretty painless process. Tanner was a pleasure to work with, and the due diligence team was very professional. If this type of financing and unique terms are something you’ve been exploring, I highly recommend Lighter Capital."

Chris Miano, MemoryFox, Founder & CEO

If your startup is already making $15K MRR, we can find a non-dilutive financing solution

You can customize your payback terms
You can scale financing to your revenue type
Your financing will align with your strategy and goals
You can find solutions to get multiple financing rounds
You can access financing up to $4M within a few days
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