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Seattle, August 10th, 2011 – Lighter Capital, the small-business finance company, today started a countdown to fund up to $500,000 to an “explosive” business that applies by August 31. Applying companies must have the potential for “explosive” revenue growth.

“We heard the banks were tightening credit, so we decided to do the opposite. We have a clock ticking to invest half a million bucks in at least one company by 5pm PST on August 31.” said Randall Lucas, VP of Lighter Capital. “If the banks aren’t going to fund awesome, growing companies, we will, no matter what the market does.”

Committing to invest funds during a market downturn may sound crazy to old-school financiers, but Lighter Capital has a history of using its innovative revenue-based finance model where traditional investors fear to tread. In June, they funded a $100,000 RevenueLoan® to TomatoBattle, an event promoter that produces massive tomato fights across the country.

“The Lighter Capital team said if I could get a bunch of people to pay me to throw tomatoes at each other, they’d fund my company.” said Clint Nelsen, CEO of TomatoBattle. “It was refreshing to work with investors who could see past the messiness of tomato fights, to the growth potential of my business model.”

“We love to fund weird companies that make money,” said Andy Sack, CEO of Lighter Capital. “This promotion proves that even as credit markets fluctuate we’re investing in small business, especially if they’re explosive!”

Formerly known as RevenueLoan®, Lighter Capital is adopting the “Lighter” name as a company, and keeping the RevenueLoan® name for its financing product.

About Lighter Capital At Lighter Capital, we’re breaking down barriers to small business growth funding. Our revenue-based finance model exchanges growth capital for a fixed percentage of the company’s revenues. This structure is more flexible, easier, and faster than traditional lenders, making us “lighter” than the marble and mahogany of the antiquated banks.

Since late 2010, Lighter Capital has funded over $1.2 million, to customers ranging from goat-milk ice cream to Software-as-a-Service (Saas) — all excellent businesses that have been overlooked by traditional banks and VCs. Lighter Capital is a venture-backed, non-bank investor of its own funds, not a broker or intermediary.

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