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Transform your revenue
into growth capital

Expand your tech company on your terms. Get up to $4 million in flexible financing  —  without selling equity or signing personal guarantees, warrants, or covenants.

Fuel success on your terms with Lighter Capital

Perks and benefits

Get more than $100,000 in product and service discounts, plus services tailored for startups from Silicon Valley Bank.

Counsel and collaboration

Widen your professional network by connecting with other CEOs and Founders in the Lighter Capital Community.

Complete transparency

Check your application status and stay informed through an objective, tech-enabled financing process designed to eliminate biases.

Up to $4M in financing

Mix and match funding modes to support your stage of growth, your business needs, your hiring priorities.

Ownership and control

Access capital while keeping your equity and board seats intact. Financing doesn't require equity or personal guarantees.

Founder Focus

Learn from experts how to use non-dilutive funding to expand — and keep full control of — your tech company.

We love working with startups

Stay current on how to elevate your startup

Sign up to receive the latest news, guidance, webinars, meetups, special offers, and opportunities to connect with our Investment Team.

Resources for founders, startups, and tech companies

Get access to resources that can help quickly scale your business.

Perks and benefits

Access more than $75,000 in discounts from leading solution providers.

Fundraising Guides

Download guides from entrepreneurs and financial experts sharing insights and best practices for funding a growing startup.

Equity dilution calculator

Identify how much value and ownership you would retain raising revenue-based financing, compared the cost with diluting your equity.


You can connect with other founders and like-minded CEOs, as well as using our partner services and discounts to scale strategically.

Learn the vital components of successful fundraising, and get tips on strategies and tactics. Make sure you’re equipped to land the deal you need for the future you deserve.

Raising Capital for Tech Startups

How To Get The Funding That Maximizes Your Value

Your company, your terms

Turn your recurring and invoiced revenue into up to $4 million in financing. Expand your sales team. Amplify your marketing. Accelerate your product development. 

You prioritize your spending. Lighter Capital keeps you in control.

You need flexible financing

You will work with us to gauge what you need now, then scale up as your customer base expands.

You have customer diversity

Your products or services reach an array of consumers, but an infusion of funds could multiply your audience.

You need not be profitable

Share your vision, and let Lighter Capital light your path to increased revenue.

You’re generating revenue

If your annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeds $200,000, we have flexible plans to help you grow.

You’re in the U.S., Canada, or Australia

For your headquarters, a branch or subsidiary, we span the oceans to bridge your financing gaps.

You’re in the tech sector

Whether you deal in software, SaaS, or tech services, our financing meets your evolving needs.