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Compare what happens when you sell equity to grow versus using founder-friendly debt financing and learn what equity dilution could cost you.

Our free online valuation calculator uses the latest market data, insights from our own investment portfolio, and a decade of experience financing startups.

Cash plus connections spur Flip’s $6.5M capital infusion

Voice assistant developer Flip (formerly RedRoute) used three rounds of non-dilutive financing to power phenomenal growth, resulting in its acquisition of $6.5 million in VC seed funding led by ScOp Venture Capital, Bullpen Capital, and a group of angel investors.

“Lighter was brilliant because of how easy and fast it was to access capital. Being non-dilutive and affordable are great, but time is everything for a founder. The VC support was absolutely above and beyond, and included an intro to one of our eventual investors.”

Brian Schiff

Co-Founder and CEO, Flip

Startup Funding Calculators

Explore your startup's market value and growth potential or see how raising equity may impact your ownership value with our free calculators. You'll gain valuable insights to guide your fundraising strategy and prepare you for productive conversations with investors.

Make smarter financing decisions

Ready to turn your revenue into runway?

Apply for up to $4M in non-dilutive funding from Lighter Capital — our secure online app takes less than two minutes.

Publicly Traded SaaS Index

Get valuable insights from SaaS industry benchmarks to develop strategies that maximize your enterprise value. The SaaS Index offers an at-a-glance look at public SaaS company metrics, including revenue multiples, annual growth, and more.

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How does revenue-based financing work?

Lighter Capital's debt funding solutions provide startups with a quick upfront injection of growth capital based on the business’ recurring revenue streams. That means you keep your equity and control of your startup, and you don't have to worry about monthly loan payments you can't make.


Learn more about our flexible, founder-friendly financing options.

Get money to grow plus so much more

When you work with Lighter Capital you get an experienced financial partner that invests in you and your company's future without requiring equity or a board seat. Learn about the premium benefits you get that can help you accelerate growth, simply because you're our client.

"By choosing Lighter Capital, we received more than non-dilutive funding. The access they provided to other CEOs and resources were the benefits that helped me grow the business."

Rob Farrow

Co-Founder and CEO, Aisle Planner

Learn from the experiences of founders like you

Our Bootstrapped podcast features inspiring, personal stories from entrepreneurs who are growing tech startups from the ground-up.


In each episode, accomplished founders discuss starting a business, managing runway, and raising capital on their terms. Discover new avenues for growth from their experiences and get ready to take the next steps with your startup or career.

Podcast: Bootstrapped

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Free Startup Finance Resources

Level-up your financial IQ, master cash flow management, and learn business best practices so you can maximize your ownership value as you grow your startup into a booming tech business. Explore our small-but-mighty (and always growing) library of free startup finance resources for founders below.



The Startup Funding Playbook

A Practical Guide to Raising Capital for Sustainable Growth

The Startup Funding Playbook

Raising Startup Capital for Your Tech Business

How To Get The Funding That Maximizes Your Value

Raising Startup Capital for Your Tech Business

Financing Your SaaS Startup Using Debt

How to Choose the Right Type of Debt Financing for Sustainable Growth

Financing Your SaaS Startup Using Debt

The Best SaaS Startup Growth Metrics

8 KPIs to Show Investors Your Startup is Primed for Success

The Best SaaS Startup Growth Metrics

Steer clear of common fundraising mistakes

Don't try to raise capital without first understanding your options and the process. Our startup fundraising guides will arm you with foundational knowledge and practical strategies for raising capital to grow. Download any guide to get started and give yourself a clearer path to startup success!

Startup Fundraising Guides