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Getting to a successful exit takes more than money; why settle for financing from startup capital providers that offer nothing more than a term sheet? Build a runway that puts your entrepreneurial goals within reach and realize your dreams on your terms — faster — with funding from Lighter Capital.

Lighter Capital funding and connections spur Flip’s $6.5M infusion

Voice assistant developer Flip (formerly RedRoute) used three rounds of non-dilutive financing to power phenomenal growth, resulting in its acquisition of $6.5 million in VC seed funding led by ScOp Venture Capital, Bullpen Capital, and a group of angel investors.

“Lighter was brilliant because of how easy and fast it was to access capital. Being non-dilutive and affordable are great, but time is everything for a founder. The VC support was absolutely above and beyond, and included an intro to one of our eventual investors.”

Brian Schiff

Co-Founder and CEO, Flip

Traditional banks don’t understand your business, so they tie you down with risk and restrictions. Most short-term debt burns up your cash quickly, making it impossible to scale. VC and equity partnerships require major sacrifices not only of time, but also of ownership and control.


Extend your runway — and your ownership value — with Lighter Capital's flexible, founder-friendly financing, which lets you keep your focus and your equity where they matter most: with your startup. 

Zero equity requirements
Right-size funding that scales with you
Payment terms up to 3 years, plus additional rounds/tranches
No personal guarantees, warrants, or restrictive covenants
Collaboration with a dedicated investment advisor
A quick, easy application process: No pitch decks, no presentations, no valuation negotiations

Grow sustainably with funding that won't slow you down or set you back later

Turn your revenue into runway and optimize your ownership value

"What I love about working with Lighter Capital, well there are a few things. First, they're masterminds. I'm working with experts to efficiently and effectively scale my business. The other thing is the connections — connections to customers, connections to potential investors, and connections to partners with valuable frontline insight into the successes and struggles of hundreds of high-growth startups."

Brandon Bornancin

Founder and CEO, Seamless.AI

$3M to $25M ARR

300% growth

Even when you’re forging your own path, it helps to have a brain trust you can tap for guidance and feedback. 


When you become part of Lighter Capital's exclusive startup community, we'll connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs who can help you quickly navigate challenges, remove roadblocks, and brainstorm strategies.


The Lighter Community is your gateway to everything you need to grow smarter — at no extra charge, simply because you're our client. 

Access to practical founder resources that support learning, leadership development, and more
130+ founders, CEOs, and other executives in our private global Slack community
Mix of first-time and serial entrepreneurs
Experienced professionals from industries including tech, health, automotive, retail, media, and hospitality
Highly-educated leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences
Nearly 1 in 4 serve on a board of directors

Become nimble and resilient with an accomplished founder community in your corner

Take the fast lane to your next milestone by expanding who and what you know

Style Arcade fast-tracks early-stage growth

For a young startup, time is money. Over 12 months, Wessels secured three rounds of non-dilutive funding to broaden the business and add features and benefits to the software platform.

Style Arcade