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Right-sized funding that matches your revenue streams
Payment terms up to 3 years, plus additional rounds/tranches
No personal guarantees, warrants, or restrictive covenants
Zero-equity requirements
Work directly with an investment advisor

Funding that won't slow you down or set you back later

Traditional banks don’t understand your business so they tie you down with risk and restrictions; most short-term debt burns up your cash too quickly to scale; and equity partnerships require major sacrifices of not only time, but also ownership and control.


Lighter Capital is different. We make it easier to fund your runway and optimize your ownership value, so you keep your focus where it matters most — running your startup.


From our simple application process to our clear and transparent pricing, Lighter Capital’s unmatched non-dilutive financing of up to $4 million is an ideal SaaS financing solution. 

150+ founders, CEOs, and other executives in our active community
Intimate executive peer groups and regional events
Online and in-person channels that flex to fit your preferences
 More than $100K+ in product and service discounts 
Intros that open new doors to: sales pipeline, your Series A, and more!

People and perks to support your growth

There’s no roadmap when you’re forging your own path. It’s certainly easier to make smart decisions along the way, though, when you have a professional network to tap into for guidance. 


Lighter Capital clients get exclusive access to invaluable benefits that not only help scale a startup effectively, but also enable tech entrepreneurs to develop and refine their leadership skills.


No matter where you’re starting from and where you want to go, Lighter connects you to like-minded startup leaders, trusted advisors, and useful founder resources that can get you to that next level.

Success is not the exception

Billion-dollar unicorns and massive VC funding rounds tend to dominate headlines, but only a tiny fraction of tech startups find themselves in those positions. We’ve partnered with more than 500 startups who achieved success on their terms. 


See what they have to say about working with Lighter Capital.

Interested in joining the Lighter Portfolio?

Community access and benefits are only available to Lighter Capital clients. Learn if you qualify by applying for up to $4M in non-dilutive funding. 

"Lighter Capital’s model is so innovative — a debt provider that’s essentially a VC partner. We get the financial rigor, network and strategic guidance that a VC would give us, and that’s been incredibly helpful."


Bant Breen, Founder and Chairman, Qnary.


Your success is our mission

From bootstrapped to venture-backed, there's more than one way to grow a tech startup.

Any goal, any path, any pivot along the way...we've got your back.



startups funded


in financing


funding rounds

Over 20% of our clients have experienced an exit activity

Active startup community with more than 150 CEOs and founders

Largest network of banking, venture, and legal partners

Build a brain trust that advances you further along your journey

Our two-day founders’ retreat inspires fellowship and personal growth in a cool, casual environment that attendees return to year after year.


Bond and collaborate with other accomplished startup leaders who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes and see what transpires when your collective brilliance flows freely.

You're in great company

Our clients' experiences tell it best. See what others have achieved with Lighter Capital.

Grow smarter, together

Expand your knowledge and your networks at the Lighter Summit, our annual two-day retreat.

Connections you can't buy

Join our private founder community, a regional peer group, and our own capital network.

Founder-friendly funding

Get customized non-dilutive financing that scales with you and helps smooth out your cash flow.

Maximize the return on your next raise

Build resilience and increase adaptability
Get support from a diverse founder community
Expand your knowledge and leadership skills
Grow your professional networks
Advance and achieve your goals
Amplify your ownership value

Everything you need to succeed

Lighter Capital has helped early-stage tech startups grow for more than a decade. We know it takes more than money to reach a successful exit, which is why we're the only startup capital provider who also invests in founders' growth and development, without asking for equity or a board seat.


When you work with Lighter Capital you gain both an experienced financial partner and an accomplished tech startup community to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey and career.

See how far you'll grow with our unique combination of fast, flexible non-dilutive startup financing solutions and the premium benefits you’d expect from VCs.