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Raising Capital for Tech Startups

Raising Capital for Tech Startups

Learn the vital components of successful fundraising, and get tips on strategies and tactics. Make you’re equipped to land the deal you need for the future you deserve.

5 keys to unlocking the deal you want

You already know how to achieve the next big growth milestone for your tech company, but do you know how to land the funding deal you want?

Fundraising before you are completely ready will slow you down, add costs, and, in some cases, damage your reputation. 

But if you know the five keys to building a successful fundraising strategy, you’ll greatly improve your ability to raise the capital you need.

This guide explains the most important components of a successful fundraising strategy and how to prepare.

Download this guide to learn about:

  • The importance of understanding your options

  • The metrics most important to investors

  • Creating sound financial projections

  • The documents investors require

  • Telling an irresistible story

Download it now

“When the time was right for us to make a move in the market, Lighter Capital was an easy way for us to get the growth funding we needed without diluting our control. Working with Lighter Capital has been a great experience.”

Mark Bania, Contractor Compliance CEO & Co-Founder

Why Choose Lighter Capital?

Lighter Capital is the largest provider of non-dilutive debt capital to start ups. Over the past decade, we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars into growth companies.

400+ Companies Funded
$400M+ Invested
900+ Rounds of Funding
100+ Founder & CEO Community
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