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Bond Software Raises Non-Dilutive Growth Funding from Lighter Capital


Bond is the digital glue that brings people and technology together, helping communities grow.

Bond’s software platform is transforming membership and customer engagement across business, unions, associations, sport and community. It’s an ecosystem that cultivates thriving memberships. This empowers member and stakeholder-based organizations to dramatically increase engagement, automate business processes, capture and report on data, increase efficiencies and drastically improve the overall experience offered to members and stakeholders. Bond is a ‘single source of truth’ application capturing all data in a centralized location powering all integrated modules working in unison.

Bond received non-dilutive growth funding from Lighter Capital to expand headcount and invest in its robust member engagement technology platform.

“We have 2 major product releases set to hit the market early 2023 that will change the way associations and unions manage memberships. Our funding from Matt and the team at Lighter Capital means we can deliver quicker to continue to be ahead of the market with our best in market innovation." - Dave Hickling, Co-founder + Director at Bond Software Group

Bond boasts a wide range of tools that are specifically designed to improve organisational efficiencies and vastly improve engagement with customers, members, stakeholders, staff and anyone else that makes up the lifeblood of member-based organisations.

Bond and their solutions have a particular focus on career planning, micro-certifications and professional development, all intrinsic to their clients. Access to highly curated (based on profile) articles, resources and events is also a feature of the platform as well as extensive community building tools.

In addition to the MCRM platform, Bond offers a variety of solutions to its clients.

  • Bond Commerce: fully integrated payment solutions with best in breed business finance platforms

  • Bond Club: Bond’s newest platform to dramatically increase engagement by growing a real sense of community around your club by connecting members, players, participants, fans, management and anyone else that makes up the life of the club.

  • Bond events featuring single click registration and attendance.

  • Bond Career Pathway – Self manage professional development, find mentors and grow career opportunities.

  • Bond App for push broadcasting and digital membership cards

  • Bond Business Process Automation

Dave and Mike from Bond Software run a very capital efficient business. Due to this, they had the option to look at both equity and non-dilutive financing to execute their growth plans. We are glad they chose the non-dilutive path. We look forward to working with Bond Software to cement its place as leaders and innovators while they build out their class-leading products catering for all member-based organisations." - Matt Dowling, Investment Director, Lighter Capital

About Bond

Bond Software was founded by Dave Hickling and Mike Williamson and is headquartered in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With 22 years of full-service digital agency experience, Bond Software Group is a design and user-focused digital agency with an extensive background in websites, product and software development specializing in Membership and Customer Relationship Management (MCRM) solutions.  Using the new generation customer engagement tools, Bond MX provides associations, unions, education, government, mining, private sector, and any member-based organisations a superior way to deliver highly tailored content, resources, events and sophisticated career planning tools so members can easily access the value of their membership.

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