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Why choose term-based financing?

Smooth out operational expenses.

Access to capital now, smoothing out your operational expenses while you focus on growth.

Retain ownership and control.

A low cost funding alternative to traditional equity or venture debt, since there’s no dilution (equity or warrant).

Peace of mind.

A forward commitment, giving you peace of mind that you can draw on more capital in the future.


Get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

“With our third financing from Lighter Capital, we chose the Lighter Term Loan because of its predictability. We know exactly how much we’re paying each month, regardless of the ups and downs in our sales cycle.”

Khaled Naim, Co-founder & CEO of OnFleet

Ready to get funding?

Growth capital with no equity required

Turn monthly recurring revenue into upfront growth capital.  Get up to $4M.  Zero dilution.  No hidden fees.  No pitch decks.


We lead the pack.

Lighter Capital is the largest provider of non-dilutive funding. Over the past decade, we’ve provided hundreds of millions in growth capital  to founders, startups and technology companies.

400+ Companies Funded
$300M+ Invested
900+ Rounds of Funding
100+ Founder & CEO Community

“Entrepreneurs should consider Lighter Capital's financing as an option for growing their business. It's often cheaper than selling equity. And the model allows Lighter to lend to earlier stage companies and provide more flexible repayment terms.”

Jeremy Haile, Sideqik CEO & Founder

Your company, your terms

Turn your recurring and invoiced revenue into up to $4 million in financing. Expand your sales team. Amplify your marketing. Accelerate your product development. 

You prioritize your spending. Lighter Capital keeps you in control.

You have customer diversity

Your products or services reach several customers, but an infusion of funds could multiply your audience.

You need not be profitable

If your annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeds $200,000, we have flexible plans to help you grow.

You’re in the U.S., Canada, or Australia

For your headquarters, a branch or subsidiary, we span the oceans to bridge your financing gaps.

You have recurring revenue

Whether you deal in software, SaaS, tech services, or another business with recurring revenue, our financing meets your evolving needs. 

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