• Webinar:
    What funding option is right for your business?

    Explore the options for your company - from startup to the $10M revenue milestone.

    Tuesday April 29
    10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT

  • Supercharge your growth

    Funding for technology superheroes

  • Lighter Capital has changed the funding paradigm. I would recommend them to any technology company.

    ~ Pete Keane CEO, SalesReach Software

  • Capital for early stage SaaS, software and technology companies


We are 100% focused on SaaS, software
and technology services companies.
  • Repayments scaled to your revenue
  • Retain control and ownership
  • No personal guarantees

Get funded faster

  • Easy online application
  • A couple of investment team calls
  • A month later (or so) — you're funded

Lighter Capital was exactly what they represented — a lighter process.

Jeff Swaim, CEO
Influence Technologies

How RevenueLoans™ work

$50,000 to $1Million in entrepreneur-friendly growth capital
Flexible payments that match the ebb and flow of your business
More capital available as your business grows

A side-by-side-by-side comparison

Bank / Debt
Financial covenants, ratios, personal guarantee
None or warrants
Inflexible fixed payments, high financial leverage risk
Unaligned or negatively aligned

5-10% stated
10-20% after fees
Venture Capital
Board seat, protective provisions, drag-along
Moderate to extreme
Highly flexible; no payments, no financial leverage risk
Growth and exit at all costs, possible goal mismatch

30%+ stated to investors
Lighter Capital
Minimal, non-financial covenants
None or warrants
Flexibility / leverage
Flexible payments
linked to revenue, low financial leverage risk
Alignment of Interests
Aligned strictly with revenue growth at all times
Exit Strategy
Entrepreneur-aligned – exit is welcome, but not necessary
Cost of Capital
Entrepreneur-aligned – 25% +/-

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