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Grow without giving away your company.

Our funding helps entrepreneurs get to the next level without equity dilution, board control, or personal guarantees.


You remain in full control with our revenue-based financing model. At Lighter Capital, we don’t take equity or ask you to make personal guarantees. And we don’t take a seat on your board or make you write a big check if you’re having a down month.

It’s your company.

We’re here to help accelerate your growth—on your terms.

Revenue-Based Financing for Tech Startups

A community of entrepreneurs

It doesn't stop at capital. As a Lighter Capital portfolio company, you have access to a deep bench of entrepreneurs like you. Read more on our community page.

  • 240+ tech CXOs
  • 60+ founders and co-founders
  • 120+ sales and marketing leaders
  • 150+ subject matter experts

At key times during our growth, Lighter Capital got us the funding we needed fast, allowing us to invest in the business, and not be distracted by fundraising.

John Stewart, CEO

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A side-by-side comparison

Bank Lighter Capital VC & Angels
Expected Annual Return
Personal Guarantees
2–6 months
Fundraising Period
4–6 weeks
3–9 months
Warrants / None
Own 20–40% of your company + board seat
Personal Credit Score
Does not affect credit
Does not affect credit

Our Partners

500 Startups

We've funded 150+ technology startups and counting

“I tried to get money from banks, but there were no hard assets to lend against or they wanted too much control. That’s when Lighter Capital came in.”

Rupert Mayer, IPfolio

“We were used to bootstrapping, and I liked that this type of financing would allow us to bootstrap our way out of any difficulty. If we had done a normal debt—with a fixed repayment amount—financing would have been more risky.”

David Lischner, Valant

“The more cash receipts we had, the faster we could pay. So the incentives were completely aligned. The better we did, the better Lighter Capital did.”

Max Rudman, SteelBrick

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