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Grow without VC or bank money?

Absolutely. We're funding more tech companies than ever before.


We are 100% focused on SaaS, software
and technology services companies.
  • Repayments scaled to your revenue
  • Retain control and ownership
  • No personal guarantees
Introduction to Lighter Capital and Revenue-Based Finance

Get funded faster

  • Easy online application
  • A couple of investment team calls
  • A month later (or so) — you're funded

Lighter Capital is our only outside source of funding. It’s great to be able to focus on running my business rather than spending precious time looking for funding.

John Stewart, CEO

How RevenueLoans® work

$50,000 to $2 Million in entrepreneur-friendly growth capital
Flexible payments that match the ebb and flow of your business
More capital available as your business grows

As seen in

A side-by-side-by-side comparison

Bank Debt Lighter Capital Venture Capital
Financial covenants, ratios, personal guarantee
Minimal, non-financial covenants
Board seat, protective provisions, drag-along
None or warrants
Moderate to extreme
Inflexible fixed payments, high financial leverage risk
Flexibility / leverage
Flexible payments
linked to revenue, low financial leverage risk
No payments, but preference at exit
Unaligned or negatively aligned
Alignment of Interests
Aligned toward revenue growth
Growth and exit at all costs, possible goal mismatch
Exit Strategy
Exit not necessary
Cost of Capital
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