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It doesn't stop at capital.

We believe it takes more than funding to grow a company.
It takes a community.

About the community

  • 200+ tech CXOs
  • 50+ founders and co-founders
  • 100+ sales and marketing leaders
  • 130+ subject matter experts in startup hiring, equity financing, user testing, product management, and other topics that are top-of-mind for growing startups

What we do

  • Lead monthly webinars and small group discussions calls around meaningful cohorts and topics (Salesforce ISVs, HR Tech Companies, Boston Startups, Diversity in Tech)
  • Host in-person events, dinners, and breakout sessions
  • Provide an online and offline platform for continuous knowledge-sharing
  • Facilitate co-marketing opportunities and strategic partnerships
  • Offer introductions to fellow entrepreneurs and the VC community
  • Offer strategic advice during critical decision moments

We’re a community of growth-obsessed, like-minded tech entrepreneurs. And we’re here to catapult you to new heights.

At Lighter Capital, community is at the heart of everything we do. We believe the role of an investor goes beyond capital, and we’ve made it a priority to give our clients the advice, resources, and network needed to scale their companies.

When you grow with Lighter Capital, you grow with a community of fellow entrepreneurs across over 130 SaaS and subscription-based companies, all united by an overwhelming desire to learn, grow, and innovate. Together, along with our dedicated Head of Community and in-house growth experts, we’re here to accelerate your learning, connect you with key partners, and overcome your greatest hurdles. Whether you’re tackling the challenge of hiring the perfect VP of Sales or that of “growing pains,” there’s bound to be someone in this community who has been in your shoes and can share their story.

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Upcoming events

Sponsorship, Seattle Startup Week (Seattle)

Monday, 11/14 - Friday, 11/18

Join us for an array of funding-related panels and sessions, featuring LC clients and our own BJ Lackland. Read more on our blog.

Webinar: Workshop Your Sales & Marketing Hurdles (Online)

Thursday, 12/1

Join fellow community members for a workshop session. We’ll take a live example from the group and talk through actionable steps for enabling your growth.

Client Appreciation Dinner at SaaStr Annual (San Francisco)

Wednesday, 2/8

We’re taking time - during the largest SaaS gathering in the states - to celebrate our clients. If you’re a client, look for a direct invite.

Love for the Community

“As the CEO of a small and growing company, my business moves rapidly through sometimes unpredictable stages, each of which requires new tools and processes. I'm usually not an expert at those new tools and processes at first, and having access to a community of other CEOs where I can seek advice and referrals is invaluable.”

Meet our Head of Community!

Caitlin Goetze
Head of Community, Lighter Capital

Caitlin has been helping entrepreneurs succeed for over 10 years, previously as the Assistant Director at the Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN) and Cohort Director at the 9Mile Labs Accelerator. She is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs through a strong community network.

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