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Accelerate growth.

Keep your equity.

Fuel company growth
Buyout tired investors
Increase market share
Hire new resources
Grow brand awareness
Smooth out cash flow
Bridge funding rounds
Scale product development

Grow smarter, together

Join like-minded founders, CEOs, and leaders from SaaS and technology startups across the U.S. and Australia for Lighter Capital’s two-day Summit.


“I felt more energized in these two days than I did in a one-week summer vacation, because I met so many founders that are experiencing what I am — I thought I was the only one.”

— Omer Usanmaz, Co-Founder and CEO of Qooper

We lead our pack so you can lead yours.

Lighter Capital is the largest provider of non-dilutive funding. In the last decade, we’ve provided hundreds of millions in growth capital to founders, startups, and tech firms:

500+ companies funded
$300M+ invested
1000+ rounds of funding
130+ startup community members

​“Invaluable strategic and tactical wisdom from fundraising to leadership in a very talented, inspired, and driven group of leaders.”

Chris Fellows, Founder and CEO, Bold Street


Once a year, the Lighter Capital Community gathers in-person to bond and brainstorm with other accomplished, motivated tech entrepreneurs.


The Lighter crew meticulously curates a perfect mix of atmosphere, activities, and content across two full days in our host city to inspire organic exchanges of ideas and serendipitous new relationships.


We welcome back both clients and alumni each year who want to advance their professional and personal growth at this intimate and unique event!

What is the Lighter Summit?



A special thanks to last year's Sponsor Host,

Macquarie Bank.

Lighter Capital

2024 Australia Summit

10/2 - 10/4

Hotel Boulderado

Boulder, CO

Thank you to Allied Advisers as a returning sponsor. We are welcoming additional sponsors.

Lighter Capital

2024 U.S. Summit

Enriching guest-led panels and roundtable discussions
Fruitful conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs 
Experiential group activities in the host city

You’ll gain ideas, insights, and inspiration through:

Enjoy two days in a casual and relaxed environment, packed with meaningful engagements and discussions that aren’t typical of other stuffy, overly-corporate business retreats. Let your collective brilliance flow freely and build lasting relationships when you join us at our next Lighter Summit.


Expect a full schedule that’s structured to help you grow your startup more effectively, advance your leadership skills, and expand your networks.

The Lighter Summit experience

Each of us faces our own set of challenges, but the collective energy, wisdom, and support present at that summit was palpable. It served as a testament to the fact that while the role of a CEO can be lonely, there's an entire community out there who understands, empathizes, and is ready to uplift and energize.

I'm deeply grateful to Lighter Capital for curating such a meaningful experience and to every attendee who shared their journey. As I move forward, I carry with me not just the learnings but the silent reassurance that comes from being part of this incredible community.

To my fellow CEOs, always remember: Even in our loneliest moments, we're in this together."

Gökhan Erkavun, Co-Founder and CEO, StoreAutomator

"Last week, I had the privilege of attending a summit hosted by Lighter Capital in Austin, TX ⭐. As I stood amidst a group of brilliant startup founders, entrepreneurs, and executives, a profound realization struck me.

Being a CEO often feels like a lonely job. The weight of decisions, the constant balance between vision and execution, and the perpetual drive to lead can be isolating. But as I listened to the stories, challenges, and triumphs of my peers, I was reminded of a powerful truth: We might walk our paths individually, but we're never truly alone.

The Lighter Summit is open exclusively to Lighter Capital clients and alumni. 

Apply for up to $4M in non-dilutive growth capital to get started, or learn more about our founder-friendly startup funding solutions.

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