This 30-page eBook explores the changing landscape of startup financing, highlighting the emergence of alternatives to venture capital. We look at how entrepreneurs are increasingly using alternative finance options like revenue-based financing to delay or forgo equity financing and preserve ownership of their companies, while still accelerating growth.

This eBook Includes:

  • An introduction to the structure and terms of revenue-based financing. 
  • Insights about the ideal timing of venture capital, angel investors and revenue-based financing to minimize shareholder dilution and increase company valuation
  • The ideal company profile for revenue-based financing
  • How to evaluate a revenue-based financing offer

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The Lighter Capital Team

“If your company is just starting to see revenue and you’re looking to bring in a couple of people to grow so that you get a better valuation when you raise venture capital, I would recommend revenue-based financing.”

Snehal Fulzele
CEO, Cloud Lending