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The Startup Funding Playbook: A Practical Guide to Raising Capital for Sustainable Growth

Venture capital isn’t the only way to grow a startup. Our Startup Funding Playbook is a practical guide to raising capital the right way, at the right time for you.

The Rise of Revenue-Based Financing

Discover why startups increasingly choose alternatives such as revenue-based financing instead of cumbersome traditional funding models.

The 8 SaaS Metrics that Matter

Explore the most salient factors for demonstrating revenue potential to investors. You’ll learn how to calculate each metric and gain insight into why these indicators are crucial.

Raising Capital for Tech Startups

Learn the vital components of successful fundraising, and get tips on strategies and tactics. Make you’re equipped to land the deal you need for the future you deserve.

How to Choose the Best Funding Path for Your Startup

Venture capital isn’t right for every company — but neither is revenue-based financing. This guide will help you decide which kind of capital to raise, when to raise it, and what potential downsides you must consider as you weigh your options.

Beyond VC: Alternative Financing for Startups that Want to Grow without Giving up Control

Learn which companies are right for VC and which are not, along with a rundown of financing alternatives and their pros and cons. Originally published as a chapter of the New York Stock Exchange’s book “The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap: From Concept to IPO.”

Guides and eBooks

Written by experts and trusted by entrepreneurs, our insightful and informative guides help you understand the fundraising process.

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