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At Lighter Capital, we understand that time and money are an entrepreneur’s two biggest constraints. That’s why we’ve created a funding instrument that solves for both — revenue-based financing.

We’re excited to work with companies who are growing their business via the Intuit ecosystem, including the QuickBooks platform. Our new fund dedicates $15M to provide Intuit developer partners access to $50K-$3M in growth funding to scale quickly, without giving up equity or dilution.

We’ve worked with 200 tech companies across the US, providing nearly $100M in in growth funding. We can provide funding to qualified companies in 4-6 weeks.

Why choose revenue-based financing?

Retain ownership and control.

We won’t ask for equity, personal guarantees, or a board seat.

It’s your company.

Looking for VC funding? Our funding can help you grow your company now so you give up less equity later.

Get the funding you need. Fast.

Our secure online application is fast and easy, and companies can receive up to $500K in growth funding in as little as 4 weeks. We can provide follow-on rounds in as few as 3–4 business days, up to $3M for companies that qualify.

Pay based on monthly cash flow.

We understand that monthly cash flows can fluctuate, which is why we have payments that scale up or down with your net revenue. You'll never have to write a hefty check during a down month, like you would with a bank loan.

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