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Considering Venture Debt?

Venture debt can come with a lot of strings, including equity requirements that could cost you and your startup. Our non-dilutive financing doesn't require equity and includes an unmatched combination of up to $4 million, professional networking resources, product discounts, and capital partner connections that will launch your startup on a path to success.

We're a better financing option

“We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to secure the funding we need to fuel our US growth without diluting our existing shareholders. Lighter Capital not only brings friendly financing, but they provide valuable connections in both Australia and the U.S.”

Brian Schiff

Co-Founder and CEO Flip


Increase in revenue


Equity Raise

Why choose Lighter Capital?

We’re different than venture debt providers:

Many Venture Debt Providers
Lighter Capital
Track record of financing startups that achieve successful exits
10+ years of startup financing experience
Fast & easy application process
100% transparent financing approval process
Work directly with an Investment Professional 
Takes time to understand your startup and financing needs
Payment terms that can span up to 3 years
Clear and transparent pricing 
Can scale financing solutions to fit your needs
Ability to obtain future financing as needed
Zero-equity requirement 
No personal guarantee requirement
No warrants or covenant requirement
Assistance with pitch decks and introductions to hundreds of venture capital partners
Includes $100K+ in product discounts
Founder/CEO network that features networking events
Banking/finance partners, including Silicon Valley Bank and National Australia Bank that can assist with further scaling your growth

“Lighter Capital helped us get the funding we needed at a critical time in our growth, allowing us to continue to aid schools around Australia with their everyday administrative tasks.”

Blake Garrett, School Bytes CEO

If your startup is already making $200K ARR, we can find a non-dilutive financing solution for you

Customize your payback terms
Scale financing to your revenue stream
Align financing with your strategy and goals
Finance additional rounds as needed
No business plans or pitch decks required
Get up to $4M within a few days
Provided over $300M+ in financing
Clients gain $100,000 in product discounts
Active 100+ Founder/CEO community
Application process is fast, easy and requires no pitch deck
20%+ of clients have already had a profitable acquisition
The largest network of banking, venture, and legal partners

Unlike other funding, you’ll never sell equity, pay origination fees, hand over board seats, sign a personal guarantee, warrant or covenant.

Lighter Capital is in a class by itself

We go beyond financing to help your startup achieve success on your terms

Financing Your SaaS Startup Using Debt

Not all debt is the same. This guide will help you decide which kind of debt capital can help your startup scale and how to weigh your options to avoid hidden costs that may hurt you later.

How to Choose the Right Type of Debt Financing for Sustainable Growth

Thinking of selling equity to raise capital?

Our simple online tool will show you just how much value and ownership Lighter Capital can help you retain, compared with traditional equity sources.

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