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Secure up to $4M in financing — no pitch decks, no business plan, no equity required

You matter — not who you know, not your sales pitch, not your current round of funding. Our unbiased approach gives every tech company the opportunity to grow on its own terms through non-dilutive financing.

You're a tech startup

Enterprise solutions

You’re selling technology solutions to enterprise customers.

Tech services

You’re providing contracted technology services.


You’re offering monthly subscriptions.


You’re creating and selling software.

Founder, entrepreneur, tech pioneer, visionary. That’s you.

Still, your vision needs fuel — that is, financing. That’s where Lighter Capital comes in, helping founders, startups, and tech enterprises that are bootstrapping growth or seek to retain their equity.

What's required?

You’ll find our application process quick and easy. To start an application, just provide details about your company, how much financing you need, and your current revenue. That’s it.

You’re in the US, Canada, or Australia

You must have your headquarters or a subsidiary in one of those countries.

You’re generating revenue

If your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) exceeds
$15,000, we have flexible plans to help you grow.

You need not be profitable

Share your vision, and let Lighter Capital light your path to increased revenue.

You have customer diversity

Your products or services reach an array of consumers,
but an infusion of funds could multiply your audience.

Apply in minutes. Create results that last.

Expand and elevate your business without selling equity and without signing warrants or covenants.

Fuel company growth
Buyout tired investors
Increase market share
Hire new resources
Grow brand awareness
Smooth out cash flow
Bridge funding rounds
Scale product development

How much will you save by NOT selling your equity?

Get the real figures on how much value and ownership you can retain by choosing Lighter Capital financing over traditional equity funding sources.

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