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20% discount off of your first Meeting-Ready Sales Leads campaign, along with a complementary 1-month lead gen campaign on LinkedIn free of charge.. To learn more contact (VP of Sales) for a quick intro and to receive the Perks discount.

Vendisys helps B2B companies increase sales by getting your Reps into more meetings with qualified decision makers who have a need for your product. We do this using an AI-driven email prospecting bot, that reaches into your ideal target accounts, and has a 2-way conversation with prospects until they are ready to meet. We deliver Meeting-Ready sales leads directly to your inbox.


If your startup is already making $200K ARR,

non-dilutive financing can keep you growing

Customize your payback terms
Scale financing to your revenue type
Align financing with your strategy and goals
Get multiple rounds of financing
Access up to $4M in capital within days of approval

Considering VC funding?

It can cost more than you think 

Keep your equity and preserve ownership value.

See how much you'll save in equity for a comparable non-dilutive capital investment. In many cases, VC funding is 2X more expensive.

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Join the exceptional entrepreneurs in Lighter Capital's portfolio

We don’t work with everyone. If we're a match, we'll connect you with a community of experienced entrepreneurs who, like you, aim to build healthy, profitable startups. They do it right the first time, staying focused on the business and preserving ownership as long as they can. Many reach an exit or go on to raise high-priced equity rounds later as they scale.

Learn how Numeracle saved millions in equity costs by choosing Lighter Capital.

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