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6 Reasons Venture Funding Isn’t Always the Best Goal

6 Reasons VC Funding Isn’t Always the Best Goal

Venture capital funding is to tech startups what the Wizard of Oz is to Dorothy — a longed-for solution to a central problem, imbued with a sense of power and even magic. Many startup founders see snagging VC funding as a major goal. But many end up finding that VCs are too often what Dorothy discovers the Wizard to be: a chimera — extremely difficult to access and possessed of some major drawbacks.

Here are six reasons that getting VC funding isn’t always the most constructive goal for your business.

1. VC is absurdly hard to get

VC funding is hard to get

2018 was a banner year for VC investment. But still, a tiny fraction of businesses actually receive that funding. A start-up founder who turns to a typical VC firm that funds 0.2% of applicants has a far better chance of getting into Harvard Business School than receiving a Seed Round.

2. Seeking VC is time-consuming

Seeking VC funding is time consuming

3. VC is expensive

Venture capital is expensive

4. VCs take a lot of control

Venture capitalists take control of company

5. VCs demand an exit

VCs demand an exit strategy

6. Uncertainty spooks VCs