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The Law of Startups podcast features BJ Lackland

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Our CEO, BJ Lackland, was recently featured on the Law of Startups podcast with Joe Wallin, Principal at Carney Badley Spellman, and Mike Schneider, Partner at Bitwise Legal and Founder at HiveBrain Software. This podcast series covers an array of topics from industry experts ranging from fundraising to bootstrapping to IP development.

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In this episode, BJ walks through Lighter Capital’s revenue-based financing model, explains how our funding works and what type of business are good candidates for it. He also has a broader discussion with Joe and Mike about the fundraising process and landscape in the venture capital world. Specifically, this 35 minute podcast walks you through:

  1. What revenue-based financing is and how it works

  2. Why raising venture capital is not for everyone

  3. Notable trends in the macro fundraising environment

In some ways, building a tech business today is a lot easier than 15 years ago. Building the infrastructure is easier thanks to technology. But growing it, scaling it, and sustaining your business is the real challenge. This podcast will help you discover and evaluate how an alternative funding option like Lighter Capital compares with traditional venture capital. Have a listen!


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