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OfficeWork Software Secures Second Round of Funding From Lighter Capital

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Sometimes companies we fund need additional funding. Our tech-enabled underwriting platform makes it easy and fast to extend additional loans. For example, the first round of funding usually takes up to a month to close, but the second round can be completed in as little as one week. Our latest case in point is OfficeWork Software, who just received a second loan four months after our initial investment.

Founded in 2005, OfficeWork Software provides organizational planning software for employee visualizaton and workforce analytics. Because of their strong performance, excellent customer feedback, and a clear growth plan, we felt very comfortable offering them a second round of financing soon after the first.

Officework Software’s workforce planning, charting, and visualization solutions enable organizations to gain HR insights and improve efficiency. Their software also has the ability to connect with a client’s payroll software. We are excited about the innovative and intuitive value proposition Officework Software provides.

With this second investment, Gordon Landies and his team can pursue strategic growth partnerships and continue to refine their product offerings. We’re expecting big things in 2016 for Officework Software!

Follow Officework Software @orgchartpro.


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