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5 Things We Learned at SaaStr Annual 2018

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Our team was out in full force at SaaStr Annual in San Francisco earlier this month – wow, what a conference! Lighter Capital was a Gold Sponsor of the event again this year, and here are some of the key takeaways from our team. 

Some of the LC team with our clients from Ekos Brewmaster at a Happy Hour event during SaaStr Annual 2018.
Some of the LC team with our clients from Ekos Brewmaster at a Happy Hour event during SaaStr Annual 2018.

Diversity & inclusion are more than just buzzwords

The speakers and audience for SaaStr are now 60% diverse. Kudos to Jason Lemkin and team for their strategic efforts to diversify the event, which made the conference welcoming to more folks, including entrepreneurs from typically underrepresented communities.

We love tech, but face-to-face still matters

We had an amazing time at SaaStr meeting new companies, colleagues, and partners. Best of all, we got to catch up in person with many of our clients. This is something we learn every year: making real-world connections and building relationships is one of the best parts of attending SaaStr. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth or met us at one of our events!  

Pre-conference prep maximizes ROI

We applied the advice from the “11 Tips for SaaStr 2018” webinar we co-hosted just before the conference with Predictable Revenue, Grow, and Chargebee. We prepped our team and had a plan for qualifying prospects during and after the event. As a result, we had steady booth traffic and strong response rates from our pre-conference communications, and we have a better post-event plan in place, too.

SaaS continues its global expansion

As in previous years, SaaStr Annual continues to attract more international companies. Some of these companies have offices in the US or are looking to expand their market here. If you’re outside the U.S., the great news is that the first SaaStr Europa event takes places in Paris this June. Check the SaaStr site for complete info. 

Our partners rule!

We had the chance to expand our partnerships this year via a pre-SaaStr webinar and a packed Happy Hour event at Jasper’s Corner Tap in San Francisco. While the Happy Hour wasn’t an official conference event, there were lots of people in town who joined us, and it was a great time.

SaaStr Annual is an incredible event, and we’re glad to be part of it as a Gold Sponsor and attendees. The conference gets bigger every year, which is a (mostly) good problem to have.

See you next year!


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