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ClearDB Accelerates Growth Plans with Lighter Capital Funding

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that ClearDB has joined the Lighter Capital growing client roster and portfolio of SaaS based companies. ClearDB is a leading provider of non-stop database virtualization services for native cloud, and hybrid database-as-a-service applications.

ClearDB provides end-to-end solutions that deliver fault-tolerant infrastructure for content management applications built on the popular open source MySQL database. Companies can select service plans spanning computing, storage and high availability needs. ClearDB eliminates database sprawl, administrative complexity and inefficient infrastructure asset costs that can limit business innovation.

Honeywell, Microsoft, Heineken, Salesforce and IBM are among more than 200,000 companies worldwide that depend on ClearDB solutions to optimize the computing efficiency of database applications running on Microsoft Azure, Heroku and AWS platforms. ClearDB solutions work with all modern databases including relational, NoSQL and My SQL data stores.

Founded in 2010, ClearDB is a great example of a successful tech company that was 100-percent bootstrap funded and sought supplemental financing for growth purposes. The company’s executive team looked at revenue (or royalty-based) financing as a flexible, non-equity option to venture capital as a reliable source to fund the next stage of its growth.

“We chose to work with Lighter Capital because their model is ideally aligned with our goals,” says Jeff Vogel, ClearDB CEO. “We needed additional funds to scale our proven business model, but preferred equity preservation to traditional options. Lighter Capital’s model was easy to work with and the team was professional and enjoyable throughout the process.”

ClearDB plans to use the funding from Lighter Capital to scale its marketing and platform initiatives, including customer acquisition and channel programs.

ClearDB was originally founded as Successbricks, Inc. The company is located in Plano, Texas.


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