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Good Done Great obtains second Lighter Capital loan to complete acquisition

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We love to see our portfolio companies make bold moves to spur their growth. So we are really excited to be able to help Good Done Great complete an acquisition of their competitor Amerigives through a second round of funding from us—on top of their intial $500,000 round.

Through strategic consulting and software solutions, Good Done Great has transformed the way corporations and individuals give back to the communities and causes they care about. Good Done Great saw a great opportunity for synergy with Amerigives, which has been supporting corporate giving programs for more than three decades.

Through financing from Lighter Capital, Good Done Great is able to acquire Amerigives and do the work needed to seamlessly migrate Amerigives clients to their platform. Good Done Great will be able to onboard 32 new clients, including Fortune 500 organizations.

They originally looked at merchant cash advance financing, Good Done Great CEO David Barach told us, but Lighter Capital was able to offer a larger amount with more favorable terms and less pressure on daily cash flow management thanks to our repayment schedule that’s synched with the ebb and flow of incoming revenue.

We’re delighted to provide the capital for this acquisition. It will help Good Done Great grow their business significantly and add about $1 million dollars to their top line over the next 12 months. Providing timely follow on rounds so growing companies can capitalize quickly on opportunities is one of the key ways we make the capital raising process easier for entrepreneurs. We look forward to watching Good Done Great continue to do great things!


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