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Lighter Capital funds the launch of pioneering consumer shopping service with $300,000

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We love it when we can help fund the launch of a new service. Price comparison site has released a new version of its popular online shopping service that automatically integrates crowdsourced coupons with proprietary multi-item price comparison technology. The integration is a first of its kind in e-commerce. With $300,000 from Lighter Capital, the team has the funding it needs to reach new users faster.

This is the first time that has taken external capital under its current ownership. Jeff Sherwood, CEO of, says, “We chose Lighter Capital as our first provider of external capital because of the flexibility that their revenue based payback model affords us. The money will be invested into marketing and additional engineering allowing us to rapidly gear up for a high-growth phase coming very soon.”

While competitors can offer crowdsourced coupons, they lack the all-important price comparison feature. Using, consumers are able to price compare, search for coupons by store or category, browse current coupons, or suggest a coupon by entering any valid discounts they find on the internet into the coupon database. This also allows users to “share the wealth” with fellow shoppers.

“We think what is doing is a game-changer for e-commerce,” says Lighter Capital’s CEO, BJ Lackland. “Price optimization and crowdsourced coupons are huge markets independently, but never before have they been offered together. If you look at the valuations of companies in either market, you get a sense for what’s possible with We are very excited to be part of this huge opportunity.”

Since 2001, the price comparison site has been saving consumers money through its proprietary Multi-Item Price Optimization™ technology. Today, it’s the leading online source for cheap textbooks, saving students an average of $1,000 per year. Since 2012 the company has expanded their service to cover a wide variety of consumer products, from games and gadgets to lawnmowers, all of which can be price compared at With the addition of their new multi-item price comparison technology, consumers will find it easier than ever before to find the best deal.

Find out for yourself at, and start saving! You can also follow them on Twitter at bigwordsdotcom.


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