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Lighter Capital funds Uncorkd and two of our favorite things—wine and technology

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

There’s nothing Lighter Capital enjoys more than a good glass of wine with a great meal. So when Uncorkd approached us about funding the next phase of their growth with an $80,000 RevenueLoan, we were intrigued by how they were enabling restaurants to provide a better wining and dining experience for their patrons through repurposing tablet technology.

Uncorkd is a digital menu platform that enables restaurants to provide real-time, interactive menus to their guests at the table. Leading restaurants, hotels, country clubs, casinos, and sports venues throughout North America use Uncorkd to educate their customers about wine and beverages, improving the dining experience and increasing their bottom line. With Uncorkd, restaurant guests can read descriptions of the wine, view a picture of the label, see where it comes from, and view suggested food and wine pairings. It’s like putting a personal sommelier at every table.

“Uncorkd is building a really diverse and strong customer base through a technology enabled service that adds real value to the restaurant experience,” says Lighter Capital CEO, BJ Lackland. “Since we initially spoke with them last year, it’s been great to see how the company has grown and we’re excited to provide a funding boost to grow their marketing footprint. We were glad we could get the company funded quickly so they could focus on running and growing the business.”

“Lighter Capital was great to work with,” says Josh Saunders, Founder & CEO of Uncorkd. “Their technology-driven approach made the approval process go very smoothly. The RevenueLoan model is a great match for our business model and will allow us to scale our business more rapidly.”

Keep an eye out for their wine tablets at your favorite restaurant, learn more at, or follow them on Twitter at @UncorkdMenus.


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