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Feeling good! Lighter Capital invests $500K in Good Done Great

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We’re happy to extend $500K growth funding to Good Done Great, a corporate philanthropy platform provider that’s headquartered in Charleston, SC and have offices in Tacoma, WA. The founders of the company, David and Earl knew each other from a previous start-up and decided to start Good Done Great in 2009.

“We decided to work on improving the world of giving and move it all online to make it easier,” CEO David Barach says. “It’s all about companies participating more in their communities and supporting their employees and what they care about.” Five years later, the Charleston technology company provides a cloud-based platform to enhance corporations’ philanthropy programs to Fortune 500 companies—including GulfStream, Marriott, and Staples. The platform helps corporations manage grants and match employee donations or volunteer hours with nonprofits.

With 800,000 users, 28 employees, and no outside investment, Good Done Great has been growing its business purely on their revenue. “Prior to working with Lighter Capital, we grew our business conservatively, using only our own revenue, which may seem a quaint concept in today’s startup environment,” says David Barach. “Now, as client demand puts us in a position to ramp up, outside capital will help us manage growth rapidly and efficiently.”

Earl Bridges, President of Good Done Great added, “As our client base and the universe of CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs continues to expand, we are eager to scale our operation quite significantly. It eventually became clear that revenue-based financing was the best path for quickly addressing our needs and growing our company.”

“Good Done Great has certainly lived up to its name when it comes to business stewardship and strategic growth,” says BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital. “We are impressed by what David and Earl have achieved with no outside capital. They’ve already made customers out of some of the most recognizable brands in the world, and they’re adding more every day. I truly admire the business they’ve built, and we’re honored to help them accelerate their growth.”

Good Done Great will use the new funding to scale its operations and support a larger volume of corporate giving and employee engagement initiatives.

Learn more about Good Done Great, or follow them on twitter @gooddonegreat


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