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Lighter Capital provides $300,000 in growth funding to Civic Resource Group

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Launched in 2000, Civic Resource Group (CRG) has steadily grown the demand for “smart” government solutions. They were recently selected for and was recently selected for CIOReview’s 100 Most Promising Technology Companies.

“Lighter Capital was a perfect fit for us,” says Gregory Curtin, Founder and CEO of Civic Resource Group. “Their innovative revenue-based loan model was exactly what we needed for our dynamic growth, and they were fast, efficient, responsive and friendly, qualities you just don’t see out there these days. They really worked with us as partners on this journey.”

Civic Resource Group will use the $300,000 in funding to grow and continue to deliver new civic cloud offerings with its major partners, Microsoft and Salesforce. This allows CRG to grow without impacting its cash flow or sacrificing equity.

Making it simple for small, thriving companies like Civic Resource Group to access the funds they need to grow is what our revenue-based financing model is all about. Molly Otter, Chief Investment Officer of Lighter Capital, says, “We’re very excited to be CRG’s funding partner, and help them expand beyond their local California markets. We like their technology, and the transparency and efficiency it’s bringing to the government space.”

Learn more about Civic Resource Group, or follow them on twitter @CivicResource. Need capital to grow like Civic Resource Group? Spend 10 minutes to apply with us.


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