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Lighter Capital provides second round of funding to Yoga Download

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Of the more than 30 companies Lighter Capital has funded, we have provided second and in some cases third and fourth rounds of financing to over half of them. We love this because it means we get to further support companies we believe in and help them grow even more. Yoga Download’s Founder, Jamie Kent, came to us in late 2011 looking for help to grow her business. We provided Jamie with some early capital to get her marketing going and now, a little over 2 years later, we’re helping her continue that growth strategy.

“With our first round of funding from Lighter Capital we were able to achieve 95% growth in the span of a year. Now with the addition of our second round of funding, the sky is the limit,” said Kent.

Lighter Capital has provided Yoga Download with $130,000 in financing and we worked hard with Kent to create a deal that works for her business. “Because the business is growing so well,” says Molly Otter, Lighter Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, “we were able to provide a larger second round of financing, before the company had paid off the initial loan and without changing their monthly payment.”

Yoga Download lets you practice yoga your way, on your time—from the tops of mountains to the waiting rooms of airports—by streaming or downloading a constantly updated selection of more than 450 professionally recorded audio and video yoga classes. The classes are led by world-class instructors who guide students through disciplines ranging from the more vigorous Vinyasa to the more gentle Hatha yoga.

You can find more information on and you can follow them on twitter at @YogaDownload as well as YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.


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