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Syncware to Invest in Software Enhancements Following a Year of Major CX Transformation

Updated: Jun 18

Syncware is making it easy for its consumer product brand customers to scale. Saving customers millions of hours and dollars that would have been wasted on manual order processing, the B2B SaaS startup helped automate commerce operations resulting in 4.2 million orders of $1.1 billion of gross merchandise value.

Gregg Greenberg, who was previously Co-CEO of Sok-it and a customer of Syncware, saw the company’s potential and acquired it in early 2022. After assuming the role of CEO in April, Greenberg led the B2B SaaS startup through a big year of transformations that included:

  • Renaming and rebranding

  • Launching a new website and refined product UX

  • Building a new Customer Engagement team (Sales, Onboarding, and Support)

In his year-end wrap up Greenberg says, “We’re all just getting started.”

Settled in, with many learnings from 2022, Greenberg recently secured revenue-based financing from Lighter Capital to make proactive customer experience investments that will spur Syncware’s growth in the coming year, such as:

  • Product development to help customers monitor and maintain mission critical business operations

  • New features and integrations that help customers scale more easily

  • Product usability and self-support resources for customers

Gregg Greenberg, CEO at Syncware

“We are so fortunate to have a funding partner like Lighter who understands our business, our customers, and the immense opportunity within our grasp. Our funding from Lighter Capital enables us to accelerate the transformation of our software product toward self-service which will allow us to scale quicker.”

- Gregg Greenberg, CEO at Syncware.

“Gregg is an incredible founder to work with. He has a clear vision of where he wants to take Syncware. I’ve learned how much he understands his clients' needs because he knows the daily struggles of scaling consumer product brands from previous experience. I have no doubt Syncware will be an extremely successful portfolio company of Lighter Capital and look forward to tracking the progress of Syncware in the future.”

- Tanner Kovacevich, Investment Director at Lighter Capital

We are thrilled that Syncware is joining the Lighter Capital portfolio with already impressive results to show, and we look forward to seeing how far they’ll grow!

Visit Syncware online to learn more about their solutions.

About Syncware

Syncware helps you automate manual operations to put your business on autopilot. Easily connect marketplaces, shopping carts and other order sources to your 3PLs, warehouse systems, ERP, and anything else with full EDI support. With Syncware you can stop wasting time and money and start scaling.


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