Introducing Client Perks: Business Tools for Scaling Your Startup

We love our clients; after all, we succeed only when our clients succeed. As part of our mission to help you scale your startup, we want to provide more than just funding. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Lighter Capital Client Perks program!

With our Client Perks program, you can put that funding to good use and save money on powerful business tools and services — marketing, sales, HR, finance, and accounting solutions — needed as you embark on your next phase of growth.

We’ve partnered with a range of leading software vendors and solution providers to offer our clients more than $75,000 in discounts and perks.

What are Client Perks?

Our Client Perks program is a unique, innovative bundling of popular business tools and services that our clients can use for free — or at a dramatic discount — to help you accelerate the growth of your startup.

Born out of the symbiotic relationship between Lighter Capital, the early state tech startups we fund, and the ecosystem of vendors that want access to these startups, the goal of our Client Perks program is to offer our clients a money-saving avenue to solutions that will drive revenue growth, boost productivity and improve your bottom line.

“We recognize that in today’s business environment, it takes more than money for tech startups to achieve success – so we’ve assembled a lineup of services specially catered to assist early-stage companies. Our goal is to help startups grow. We’d love it if companies can receive enough savings from these perks that they effectively pay us no interest on our loans. That’s a great benefit for everyone!” – BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital

Client Perks Partners

As a Lighter Capital client, you receive access to more than $75,000 in saving from 24 select providers of cloud hosting, HR and financial services, marketing and sales automation, CRM and more. Our Client Perks partners include:

BI & Reporting

Chargebee logoChargebee is a recurring billing and subscription management product used by thousands of customers across 53 countries.

ChartMogul logoChartMogul provides business tools that make it easy to analyze revenues and customer data by plan group, billing cycle, location and more.

Grow logoGrow’s sales and marketing analytics software allows businesses to connect all their sales and marketing data in one place.

SaaS Optics logoSaaSOptics is a B2B subscription management platform that enables businesses to streamline financial ops, reporting and performance metrics.

Visible logoVisible helps founders and other startup leaders engage their investors so their companies can grow.

Customer Success

ClientSuccessClient Success logo is a software platform that helps executives and their customer success teams keep and grow their existing customer base.

Cloud Hosting

AWS Activate logoAmazon Web Services provides startups with the low-cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow.

HR & Financial Services

Boast logoBoast.AI helps companies automate the complicated process of claiming R&D Tax Credits from the government.

Bookly logoBookly’s platform helps small business owners establish an accounting foundation that will scale-up as their business grows.

Carta logoCarta allows private companies to manage their equity electronically with the participation of shareholders, employees, auditors, and legal counsel.

EGFS provides outsourced finance (CFO), accounting, tax, and corporate governance services for early-stage companies.

Expensify logoExpensify is the world’s leading application for expense management, receipt scanning, and business travel.

Gusto logoGusto is an HR / financial platform built to make the most complicated business tasks—payroll, benefits, and HR—simple and personal.

Human Interest logoHuman Interest makes it easy for startups to offer a 401(k). They offer a technology-driven, automated 401(k) that’s built and priced for scale

TriNet logoTriNet provides small and medium size businesses (SMBs) with full-service HR solutions tailored by industry.

Marketing Tech & Services

FirstCut logoFirstCut is the easiest way for early stage B2B and SaaS startups to create professional video content affordably, globally, and on-demand.

Hawke Media logoHawke Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that serves as an “Outsourced CMO” for its clients.

HubSpot Client Perk Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Sales Tech & Enablement

Intercom logoIntercom is a tool for sales, marketing and support that helps drive sales and support through every step of the funnel.

Pipedrive logoPipedrive’s sales CRM tool, built to improve the efficiency of the sales component of your business.

Other Tools and Services

BLASTmedia logoBLASTmedia is a national B2B SaaS PR agency that takes a holistic approach to PR, affecting multiple business levels.

Curricula logoCurricula offers a fun, relatable cyber security awareness training program that protects your employees from cyber security threats.

Foundersuite logoFoundersuite is a “full stack” software platform for startups raising capital. Customers have raised over $800 million in Seed and VC since 2016.

Koble logoKoble is a B2B matchmaking service that connects larger companies and smaller businesses.

Achieve Success, Together

Want to know more about our Client Perks program and the perks included? Visit this page for more details, and, if you like what you see, fill out the form on that page and we will get in touch with you shortly.

If you are currently a Lighter Capital client, visit the servicing portal (ask your CFO/CEO) or get in touch with your Investment Team contact at Lighter Capital.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our new Client Perks program and cannot wait to help you take your company to the next level!

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