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A Note From Lighter Capital on Silicon Valley Bank

Updated: Apr 24

The recent news about Silicon Valley Bank is saddening for those in the startup world. For almost 40 years, SVB helped startups and technology companies succeed, including Lighter Capital.

While SVB and Lighter Capital worked together for many years, SVB has never been a credit facility provider for Lighter Capital. Our ability to continue funding startups is unaffected by the recent SVB events.

If you are new to Lighter Capital

We have been helping startups grow without giving up equity for over a decade.

If the recent SVB events are disrupting or impacting your fundraising, we may be able to help. Our non-dilutive startup funding makes it easy to obtain financing without requiring you to provide pitch decks, and business plans, sell portions of your company to us, or sign warrants and covenants.

We offer a variety of non-dilutive financing packages, including revenue-based, term-based, and contract-based. Our long-term financing, typically three years, gives you enough time to put the money to work. If you’re a technology company that needs funding and have at least $15K MRR, a variety of customers, and are located in the US, Canada, or Australia - we may be able to help. If you have questions, take a look at our FAQ.

If you are in need of financing, you can see if you qualify by starting an application right now. We'll review it and set up a time for you to speak with an investment director within one business day.

We’re more than financing

For startups, what makes Lighter Capital unique is the more than money benefits we offer to every customer. This includes access to a vast and diverse CEO group, perks and discounts on products, introductions to legal, venture capital, and other financial services. Plus, we offer the most crucial benefit, the ability to maintain ownership and control of your company by not having to sell equity or sign over board seats.

I’m an existing Lighter Capital customer

We understand these recent events may be impacting your financial certainty. We are committed to working with you however we can. Please contact your investment director regarding questions, comments, or concerns.

Our commitment remains - helping founders realize their dreams on their terms

Over the last decade, the technology industry has seen its ups and downs, successes and failures. But during this period, Lighter Capital has persisted by providing over 1,000 rounds of non-dilutive funding to help hundreds of startups grow without giving away equity or control. Our commitment today is stronger than ever, and we look forward to calling you a customer.

If you do not require financing today but wish to stay in touch, please subscribe to our newsletter.


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