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10 Must Follow Sites & Blogs for SaaS Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

SaaS entrepreneurs have no problem finding advice online. Blogging about how to succeed in this corner of the tech industry is practically its own cottage industry.

So which blogs and experts are worth your time? Here are the 10 best SaaS blogs that deserve regular attention from anyone interested in SaaS startups.

10 Best SaaS Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Created by Jason Lemkin, VC and advisor to SaaS businesses (as well as a 2x founder himself) SaaStr is more than just a blog, it’s a massive, dynamic community of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs. The site offers advice on its blog, but also podcasts, Q&As, meet-ups, and an academy. SaaStr Annual is a huge gathering of SaaS founders, execs, and VCs, with 10,000 attendees expected at the show in a few weeks. Before you go, check out our 11 Tips for SaaStr 2018 webinar to make sure you get the most out of the event, and check out our SaaStr 2018 page, to find out how to connect with us at the conference. We’ll see you there!

This blog authored by Aaron Ross and Collin Stewart, the CRO and CEO of  Predictable Revenue, is predictably valuable. Ross helped Salesforce boost its sales from $5 to $100 million and is the author of bestselling books about sales in hyper-growth businesses. The site is a compendium of great insight about how to grow SaaS companies, including everything from mindfulness to modern sales management.

A 2x entrepreneur who sold his last company to Salesforce, Mark Suster is now a VC who blogs about SaaS startups from both the founder’s and funder’s perspective. The blog is more “blog-like” than many SaaS sites, offering a stream of thoughts and advice that range from technical (pro rata rights) to personal (see mom as role model for entrepreneurship).

A serial entrepreneur, David Skok is now a partner with VC firm Matrix Partners and author of this powerhouse blog about starting, growing, and selling software companies. A disproportionate number of his posts seem to produce “ah ha!” moments—for example, his “SaaS Metrics 2.0” guide is a must-read for any SaaS entrepreneur.

One of the Internet’s more established SaaS blogs, Chaotic Flow is where B2B software veteran Joel York unpacks every aspect SaaS marketing, metrics, strategy, and sales. His posts on topics like achieving SaaS customer alignment and metrics-based guides to SaaS financial performance are thoughtful and comprehensive.

Tomasz Tunguz, a partner at VC firm Redpoint and co-author of the book Winning with Data, blogs about how data can help startups succeed. His insightful, chart-and-graph-packed posts explore topics like why the LTV/CAC ratio is meaningless for early-stage startups and how ICOs affect the classic VC model.

The fact that Jason Cohen, founder of WP Engine and Smart Bear Software, uses the word “geekery” in the subtitle of his blog reveals a lot about his style: approachable, smart, and prone to inserting cartoons to illustrate his points. Drawing on his experience bootstrapping from seed to scale, his advice on startup management marketing runs the gamut from why SLCs are better than MVPs (huh?) to where to find the right advice.

Christoph Janz, a partner at Point Nine Capital and a veteran in the startup space, hosts this journal of thoughtful commentary on all things SaaS. From reflections on when to scale to thoughts on how to analyze product-market fit, Janz provides a treasure trove of perspective for founders and funders alike.

Customer-success consultant Lincoln Murphy lays out the ins and outs of powerful customer engagement: It’s all about helping your customers succeed. Posts like “Those aren’t Problems. Those are Customers!” make it clear that this blog has a strong voice and viewpoint in its coverage of topics from pricing strategy to referrals.

Run by expansion-stage VC OpenView Partners, this encyclopedia of advice, interviews, and insights about scaling a SaaS business is chock full of insider knowledge and tips. With guidance on topics such as formalizing your sales onboarding process to aligning marketing and sales during rapid growth, the site is most suited for expansion-stage companies.


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