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Benefits to Securing Funding Prior to the End of the Year

Congrats! You’ve validated that your startup solves a problem and has growing demand for your solution through increasing revenue and customer retention. Now what? Growth capital is a typical next step for startups to maintain momentum. Securing capital typically gives founders 12-24 months of runway. 

With Lighter Capital, our non-dilutive funding can be secured quickly through a simple application process. Apply in under 10 minutes and get funded in days. Traditional venture capital fundraising can take three to six months (or longer!) of pitching and conversations and requires giving up equity and some control. 

Competitive Advantage

By securing funding before the end of the year, you will be able to hit the ground running after the holiday rush or lull, depending on the business. Instead of spending Q1 sorting your books, you will have a set budget to stay competitive. With capital, productivity increases with the ability to hire talent, expand product development, create partnerships, attend events, secure resources, and more. 

“While we received multiple rounds of funding from Lighter Capital at varying times, we found that strategically having access to capital at the beginning of the year, allowed us to make key hires to launch our new products and stay ahead of the competition.” – Romeo Elias, President and CEO, Intellect

Proven Success

Since 2019, over 30% of our clients have secured non-dilutive growth capital in December, February, and March. The ability to quickly turn around funding played an integral role in maintaining momentum through the holidays and into the new year. 

“Non-dilutive funding is a perfect fit for the bootstrap ethos designed for long-term and sustainable growth via truly impactful deep-technology such as ours at Spiketrap. Lighter Capital has allowed us to focus on building a game-changing company, not pitch decks.”  – Kieran Fitzpatrick, CEO, Spiketrap

Why Fundraise with Lighter Capital? 

Lighter Capital has revolutionized startup financing by making it easy for entrepreneurs to quickly access up to $3 million in growth and working capital with zero dilution and full control over how to use the funds. 

  1. Retain Ownership and Control: Diversify funding sources to keep your options open and retain ownership and control. We won’t ask for equity, personal guarantees, or a board seat

  2. Ease of access to capital: Up to $3M in total capital funding, with the ability to mix and match based on needs.

  3. Transparency: Funding based on what you’ve built—not who you know. Tech-enabled objective application process eliminates biases.

  4. Innovative financial offerings: Financing to fit your stage of growth and business needs. Partnership with Silicon Valley Bank with services tailored for startups.

  5. Community: Access a network of successful entrepreneurs to help you achieve your business goals.

Lighter has provided financing to 400+ companies, totaling over $200M.  Lighter Capital’s easy, transparent, and consistent access to capital, has led companies such as Aisle Planner, who raised 6 rounds of funding with Lighter Capital, to choose non-dilutive funding to grow their companies.  

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