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Business Intelligence Software: 5 Best Options for Small Business

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Business Intelligence Software: 5 Best Options for Small Business

While B2B SaaS companies know the value of data better than most, they haven’t always implemented effective ways to capture the data that can help them grow.

Many companies only collect a small amount of the data that they could capture if using the best Business Intelligence software, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. BI software is increasingly powerful, easy to use, and affordable — rapidly earning wouldn’t-live-without-it status among startups of all sizes.

With a market bursting with choices, how can startups choose the right BI software solution? First think about how Business Intelligence software will help your small business, and then identify the criteria you’ll use to judge the various options.

Best Business Intelligence Software

All Business Intelligence software solutions are not created equal, and each business needs to find the tool that works best for its unique needs.

What BI software features are most important to you? Common things to consider include usability, cost, integrations, data delivery and display, notifications, mobile capabilities, AI-powered prediction, dashboard options, and visualization tools.

The following 5 BI software options have got the goods:

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Price: $0-$9.99+ per user per month

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics is an easy go-to for Salesforce users. It’s built right into the Salesforce platform and connects effortlessly to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data. The app also hooks into the rest of your CRM, so you can do everything you need to from a single dashboard. Its focus on AI-powered analytics emphasizes the system’s ability to spot patterns and predict future trends.

Price: $75+ per user per month

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop

Tableau is known for its data-visualization tools. Graphs, charts, maps and other visual tools help users quickly identify trends and collect actionable insights. The software is available on-premise and in the cloud. With the latter option, Tableau can work with providers like AWS, Azure, or GCP to integrate the software with your digital infrastructure.

Price: $70 per user per month


Domo logo

Domo aims to make things as easy as possible, with 500 data connectors and a mobile app that allows on-the-go collaboration. Predictive analytics enables the system to send notifications not only about changes in your data but also about related trending topics and news. The software is geared for IT departments that are wary of giving up too much control as they enhance the flexibility of how staff members can access and use data.

Price: Must contact for pricing; free version available


Sisense logo

Sisense is aimed at making data easy to understand, offering a system that combines data from all sources into a single interactive dashboard, or into function- or role-specific custom dashboards. Sisense’s Pulse Alerts continuously look out for variations in data and notify you immediately if anything is changing in unexpected ways. Choose among cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid options.

Price: Must contact for pricing

Does your startup use Business Intelligence software? Which BI software features do you find most useful for your business? Have something else to say? Drop us a comment below.


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