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Lighter Capital at Lendit USA 2017

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Lighter Capital CEO BJ Lackland will be speaking on a panel at Lendit USA 2017, “Taking a Unique Approach to Expand Small Business Lending,” along with William Davis of Able Lending and Mark Rockefeller of StreetShares. The panel will be moderated by Jacob Haar of Community Investment Management. Please join us on Monday, March 6th at 2:15pm at the Innovation in Lending section of the Javits Center.

New developments in small business lending

All three companies represented on the panel are using technology to reach new audiences and innovate the lending space. Able Lending funds businesses with a unique crowdsourced debt model. StreetShares is dedicated to making capital and resources available to veterans. Here at Lighter Capital, we’re using technology to help underwrite revenue-based financing, a debt model that matches perfectly with early-stage startups.

For more on these topics and more, join BJ at the panel.

Taking a Unique Approach to Expand Small Business Lending Monday, March 6th 2:15pm EST Venue: Innovation in Lending


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