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$100 Million Invested in Startups!

Updated: Jun 18

We’re thrilled to share our latest milestone — on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018, we reached $100M in investments. That’s $100 million we’ve provided to growing tech startups across the US. We’re obviously proud of this achievement, but we’re even prouder of how our clients have been able to grow and reach new heights through our revenue-based funding. That’s why we’re in this business — to revolutionize startup finance and help growing companies get to the next level, without giving up equity or control.

Lighter Capital has invested $100M in

  1. ~250 companies

  2. ~400 deals

  3. 29 states across the US

THANK YOU to our clients, board, partners, and team.  We couldn’t do it without you. Here are a few photos from our team celebration where we shared a toast with champagne and Top Pot doughnuts. Here’s to the next $100M!

CEO BJ Lackland and Lighter Capital team members share a toast to $100 Million.

The Lighter Capital crew celebrating the $100M milestone with champagne, doughnuts, and big smiles.

Been a long time! Lighter Capital long-timers BJ Lackland and Lexine Pishue raise a glass to $100M in their LC gear.


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