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6Qube secures $100k in financing from Lighter Capital

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We are very excited to bring on 6Qube, an internet marketing firm based in Austin, Texas. Since 2009, 6Qube has been developing, testing, and scaling inbound marketing automation software designed to help all businesses increase online visibility. 6Qube’s software stack includes an easy to use CMS, business blogs, landing pages, microsites, lead forms, email marketing, call tracking, SERP rankings, analytics, and more.

6Qube will use the funding to fuel its sales and marketing efforts, and make key upgrades to its suite of technology products.

“This was the first outside funding raised by 6Qube, so it was important that we get it right,” says Jon Aguilar, President and Founder of 6Qube. “We had several funding paths we were moving toward until we found Lighter Capital. The revenue-based loan model was a perfect fit for our business—and the process was extremely fast compared to other business financing options we had explored.”

“One of the beautiful things about our funding is that we’ve automated the due diligence process, allowing us to utilize digital assets—like CRM data—to get a more robust picture of the companies we’re looking to fund,” says BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital. “It tells you things that a company’s balance sheet won’t—like customer sentiment. 6Qube shined in this regard as they had extremely strong customer references. Their customers absolutely love them—which speaks volumes.” Start to finish, the funding process took only 19 days.

Learn more about 6Qube, or follow them on twitter @6Qube


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