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Boost funding from Lighter Capital paves the way for Full Circle CRM

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

When’s the right time to bring an equity investor into your business? The answer is simple: when you are in your strongest negotiating position. Unfortunately that moment rarely lines up with the moment you need a capital injection.

Full Circle CRM is a prime example of a company nailing that target. When CEO Bonnie Crater and her team came to us in November 2013, they needed a capital injection to help grow their sales and marketing efforts and expand their development team. “We knew there were opportunities to be exploited, but we didn’t yet have the momentum to be on the radar of VC community,” says Crater, CEO of Full Circle CRM. “Lighter Capital gave us a path to our Series A funding.”

What a difference a year makes. Earlier this month, Full Circle CRM announced that they had closed a $3.8 million Series A funding round led by Aligned Partners and includes WI Harper Group and Salesforce Ventures. The new funding will allow the company to aggressively expand its sales and marketing.

“The $200,000 RevenueLoan we received from Lighter Capital at the end of 2013 really helped us drive the kind of growth we needed to get to the next stage,” says Crater. “By growing more than 2x over the previous year we were in a much better position to engage with potential investors and to showcase the great opportunity with Full Circle CRM.”

Full Circle CRM is a leading provider of marketing performance management solutions for Salesforce users. They were recently nominated for Red Herring’s 2014 Global Top 100, a list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures around the world. We are thrilled to see Full Circle CRM’s recent success and honored that we were able to help this great team grow.

If you use the Salesforce platform, we recommend taking a look at Full Circle CRM to help you get more out of your marketing and help you grow even faster.


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