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CivicConnect’s Boston IoT pitch singled out

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Lighter Capital client CivicConnect (formerly Civic Resource Group) was singled out by StateScoop, a site that features innovators in state and local government technology, for an innovative proposal they gave to the city of Boston for an augmented reality app.

CivicConnect’s app, CivicAR, makes exploring cities an easier and richer experience. The proposal notes that its software would help the Boston city government create more “accessible, practical and delightful public spaces.”

The company proposed this in response to Boston’s smart city RFI, a call for all “urbanists, technologists, entrepreneurs and visionaries” to submit ideas about how internet-of-things enabled technology can improve Bostonians’ quality of life. As of February 14th they had received 104 submissions from 85 vendors, and extended the deadline for the RFI. Lighter Capital first funded CivicConnect in August, 2014.


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