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Pynwheel brings touchscreens home to multifamily real estate

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Lighter Capital is excited to welcome another female entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado to our client roster. One of our oldest clients, Jamie Kent from YogaDownload, was also from Denver—we hope this is the start of a trend!

Pynwheel CEO Jennifer Cyphers launched her startup in 2012 to give property companies modern tools to make the real estate sales and leasing process more efficient and cost-effective. Pynwheel’s software for large touchscreens provides an interactive experience that lets prospective residents explore the community using multi-touch tables, panels, and tablets. The software’s interactive map shows amenities, available units, floor plans images, and photos.

“Lighter Capital was easy to work with,” Cyphers says. “I was able to raise the funds needed for growth without taking valuable time away from running my company. The revenue-based financing model is an excellent alternative to equity-based options.”

With funding from Lighter Capital, Pynwheel plans to convert its product to an automated, self-serving setup, which will allow its sales people to focus on expanding the startup’s market share in the multifamily real estate industry.

“We were impressed with Jennifer’s ability to significantly grow Pynwheel’s revenue while operating her business lean and efficiently,” says Molly Otter, Chief Investment Officer at Lighter Capital. “Pynwheel is in a great position to grow and expand its customer base. They are in an attractive market, and we’re excited to provide the growth capital they need to take their business to the next level.”

Learn more about Pynwheel or follow them on Twitter @pynwheel.


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