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The Lighter Summit Returns!

Ask any founder who chooses Lighter Capital, and they will share that we're committed to their success. Access to flexible non-dilutive funding, product discounts, events, and networking gives founders many advantages. But founders/CEOs commonly say our CEO summit is one of the most valuable benefits that Lighter Capital provides them.

We recently hosted our annual Lighter Summit. CEOs and Founders from all over stepped away from their busy lives of leading their startups and journeyed to Nashville, TN, to connect, learn and share with other like-minded leaders. The gathering was for two short days, but the event's impact will last many months.

After more than ten years of working with startup leaders, we've learned the most powerful asset a founder can have is the network of professionals with whom they can seek advice. Which is why the Summit is valuable to so many. It allows our portfolio companies to gather, grow their network, share stories, seek advice, and relay challenges and victories.

Lighter Summit 2022 Recap

The two days gave us a chance to have several attendee-led content sessions. Here’s an outline of what we covered.

Panel Session on Growth: Managing growth, expansion, and what our panelists wish they knew at $1M that they know at $5M+.

Brandon Bornancin (CEO, Seamless.AI), Ray Carbonell (CEO, Qnary), and Sunil Patro (CEO, Signeasy). Moderated by Lowery Thomas (Investment Director, Lighter Capital)