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Top 4 Crowdfunding Websites to Follow

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Crowdfunding seems to be the new way to go in raising money and a cool tool for entrepreneurs. You get a platform to share your story, gain support from your community, and receive funding for a project or business. Each of these websites have a great audience and you can gain the support you need for your ideas and dreams.

Crowdfunding Sites

  1. Kickstarter This is the largest crowdfunding website and holds the number one stop for crowdfunding. You might have heard of Kickstarter as a crowd funding website for creative projects, but there all kinds of projects from raising money to fund a band’s album to kickstarting a product or to help a film marker. They have a great website where you can discover or share many projects. Another great thing Kickstarter does great is it keeps it simple. If you reach your goal or more you get the funding, if you don’t then you will have to try again or go to another source.

  2. Quirky This is a prime crowdfunding website for inventors. They have a fun website for all kinds of inventors to raise funding for their idea. There are so many cool ideas that are able to come to life because of Quirky. As their home page says, “The easiest ways to being your ideas to life.” Not only do you as a community member get to voice your opinion if this product should be made and on the market, but you can help it come to life. You can give feedback and direction to the inventor to help the product be the best that it can be.

  3. Startup Addict They named this crowdfunding company perfect for what they do and their main audience. This company is all about crowdfunding for startup addicts. Startup Addict is one of the newest crowdfunding websites on the block and they are on fire! They want to help the startup world grow and get these small businesses out in action.

  4. Profounder This is a great crowdfunding website for start ups and small businesses to raise money through “swap and meeting”. They have a fast application that can help you get into contact with great partners. It is a great website that caters to entrepreneurs. It is known to be very professional, follow the right guidelines, and with all easy steps. Profounder is all about the social circles and connections.

There are many crowdfunding websites out there, but these four seem to be leading the latter. Each one bringing their own atmosphere and specialty to gaining money and support for ideas and companies. Check them out!


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