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Miserable employees

3 Causes of a Miserable Job (and to What to Do About Miserable Employees)

Let’s face it: being unhappy at work is, well, miserable. No job is perfect, but a happy, content employee can have a huge effect on your company — just as a miserable employee can have a huge negative effect. Here we cover what causes a miserable job and what you can do about unhappy employee's at work.

Team Results

Why Teams Fail, Part 5: Personal Status Can Kill a Results-Focused Workplace

Does your team have disparate goals? When employees are more focused on personal goals than team goals, it can kill a results-focused workplace. Here's why you should focus on team results.

Avoidance of Accountability in the Workplace

Why Teams Fail, Part 4: Avoidance of Accountability in the Workplace

What’s wrong with a team member not committing to the decision, you ask? It leads to the fourth reason why teams fail: avoidance of accountability. Here's how to prevent avoidance of accountability in the workplace.

How to Overcome Lack of Team Commitment and Buy-In to Decisions

Why Teams Fail, Part 3: Lack of Team Commitment and Buy-In to Decisions

Ever noticed how, when business decisions are made in a team meeting, not everyone seems to really buy-in to the decision? This is because there is a lack of commitment in the team to decisions made in the meeting. Here's how to overcome lack of team commitment and buy-in to business decisions.

How Fear of Conflict Causes Teams to Fail

Why Teams Fail, Part 2: Fear of Conflict

Team failure starts with a lack of trust, which leads to a fear of conflict between team members. Here's why and how to overcome this team dysfunction using the power of good conflict.

Why Teams Fail

Why Teams Fail, Part 1: Fear of Being Vulnerable

There are five basic dysfunctions that cause a breakdown in the team dynamic. The first reason why teams fail is due to the absence of trust – the fear of being vulnerable. Here’s how to establish team trust.

How to Become Acquirable

Tactical vs. Strategic: How to Become Acquirable

Want your business to get acquired by a larger company? Here's what to focus on in order to increase your odds of getting to a successful acquisition.