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4 Alternative Loan Categories for SMBs

Alternative lenders have transformed the lending environment for SMB borrowers. New financing products are better structured for SMBs and can deliver capital more quickly, enabling entrepreneurs to stay focused on growing their businesses.

5 Debt Funding Options for Your SaaS Company

Looking to grow your startup but unsure of the best way to secure funding? Here are 5 great debt funding alternatives to VC.

The Pros and Cons of Alternative Startup Financing Options

There are many alternative financing options for early-stage tech startups. Here we review the pros and cons of the most common three.

Not Ready for Revenue-Based Financing? Startup Finance Options to Tide You Over

If you don’t yet have monthly revenues of at least $15K or gross margins over 50%, where can you turn for startup financing? Here are some options.

Top 6 Questions Asked about Revenue-Based Financing

Why should growing technology companies consider revenue-based financing? Here are the answers for the top 6 questions asked about revenue-based financing.

Webinar: Funding Options for Salesforce Partners

Lighter Capital CEO BJ Lackland and Sean Jacobson, Venture Partner at Emergence Capital, teamed up to give their insights and perspective on Funding Options for Salesforce Partners.

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Funding the In-Between Years

What’s important in those in-between years after launch and before stable growth is to know all the funding options and figure out what is right for you.