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The Inaugural Australia Lighter Summit

Australian startup leaders meet in Sydney, making lasting connections for growth and success.

Picture of Lighter Capital Community at the first ever Lighter Summit in Australia, 2022

Since our launch in the Australian market back in 2020, we’ve had an opportunity to work with so many great tech companies and the founders behind their growth — they’re a valuable addition to the Lighter Community that now spans two continents. This year we had the opportunity to bring our Australian Community together, in person!

We just wrapped our very first Lighter Australia Summit, right on the heels of our United States Lighter Summit 2022. Check out our recap of this momentous event below.

Celebrating Our First Lighter Summit in Australia

Founders, CEOs, and other startup leaders from Lighter Capital’s Australian client community gathered in Sydney for the opportunity to grow and make meaningful professional connections.

Stepping away from their businesses for an entire day to attend the inaugural Summit, the Lighter Community had opportunities to network, share personal stories, get advice, and discuss both challenges and victories. It was an invaluable experience certain to have a lasting impact on all the leaders who attended.

Quote from Bond Software co-founder and Director, Dave Hickling, about the Lighter Summit Australia: "Offering more than just finance, Lighter Capital has really put the effort into future support, and relevant information to help us build our business."

Recap of events

This full-day event included content-rich sessions, networking, and bonding time for our Australian clients. Here’s what we covered:

Guest speaker Sarah Hunter, Senior Economist & Partner at KPMG

Hunter discussed the state of the economy and its impact on technology companies.

Picture of Sarah Hunter, Senior Economist & Partner at KPMG, speaking at the Lighter Summit Australia 2022

Guest speaker Michael Priddis, founder and former CEO of Faethm (sold to Pearson)

Priddis shared his experience launching, growing, and then selling Faethm to Pearson. He took attendees’ questions and engaged in discussions during the Q&A after.

Picture of founder and former CEO of Faethm, Michael Priddis, speaking at the Lighter Summit Australia 2022

Panel discussion on startup teams

Moderated by Ian Gardiner (Lighter Capital, Jelix Ventures, Innovation Bay), the insightful conversation included Michaela Wessels, co-founder and CEO of Style Arcade, and Kylie Little, ex-startup founder and current director at KPMG High Growth Ventures.

Photo of group discussion during the Startup Teams Panel Q&A at the Lighter Summit Australia 2022

The group discussed developing and retaining company culture, workforce changes, finding talent, managing remote and hybrid teams, and HR milestones — organically leading into a room-wide conversation.

Quote from Helio co-founder, Peter Hall: "Non-dilutive capital has been an integral part of our funding strategy, and we couldn't be happier with the  support, community, and networking opportunities Lighter Capital has provided."

Special thanks

Before we go, we’d like to send a big “Thank you!” to our partners, National Australian Bank (NAB), for hosting us at their beautiful downtown Sydney office.

National Australian Bank (NAB) "Proud Supporter" banner - Lighter Capital Australian Summit 2022

We can’t wait to see everyone at next year’s Lighter Summit!


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