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Poor Ergonomics

Don’t Let Poor Ergonomics in the Workplace Lead to a Life of Pain

You probably don’t use a desktop computer. They fell out of fashion when people reasoned they’d like to carry their work with them, and do it wherever they…

Annual Subscriptions

Why and How to Pursue Annual Subscriptions with Upfront Payments

Robust cash flow is a big deal for growing SaaS companies, as are ongoing client relationships. It’s savvy to get ahold of more of your customers’ money…

Price Localization Strategy SaaS Startups

Price Localization Strategy: What Global SaaS Startups Need to Know

Business is an increasingly global game — as consumers, we know we can purchase products from anywhere in the world, and as business owners we increasingly…

How to Slim Down iOS and Android Notification

Information Overload? How to Slim Down iOS, Android Notifications

When you got your first iOS or Android smartphone, you probably allowed it to send you notifications for every possible event. It was a thrill to have this…

Scanbot Scanner App

Go Paperless with Scanbot: Scanner App That Protects Business Documents

The dream of the paperless office remains elusive. But wait, could it be... is the Scanbot scanner app the solution we've all been waiting for? Paper is still…

Matt Moody Bellwethr Interview

Startup Interview: Q&A with Matt Moody, Founder and President of Bellwethr

Retaining customers is a major priority for tech-based businesses, and until recently it was a daunting task to identify which customers may not stick around.…