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brand style guide

6 Tips for Creating a Style Guide for Your Brand

You’re an entrepreneur – perhaps part of a small start-up, or an individual looking to make a splash. You’re not a massive corporation. On that basis,…

Startup financing solutions

Introducing New Entrepreneur-Friendly Startup Financing Solutions

The startup fundraising process is a journey. Whether your business is just starting to focus more heavily on the customer, or if the goal is to continue to…

SaaS Website Best Practices

SaaS Website Best Practices to Increase Customer Conversions

Websites are tricky things to get right, especially SaaS websites in which the primary goal is to convert visitors into customers. And the worst thing is:…

Growth IQ Book Review

Book Review – Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business

Many high-concept business books present amorphous ideas about how to succeed in business, but Growth IQ by bestselling author, Tiffani Bova, is extremely…

Startup Valuation Methods

Startup Valuation Methods: How to Calculate the Value of a Startup

There’s a time for every startup when some serious numbers need to be crunched. Not just the KPIs and ongoing metrics, but the big numbers. At some point,…

Best Voice Memo App

Ditch the Old Dictaphone: These Are the Best Voice Memo Apps

Dictaphones were once a big deal, especially in business. Using a tiny pocket-sized device, you could get amazing thoughts down in an instant, and later…