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Phishing Awareness for Businesses

Think Before You Click: Phishing Awareness for Businesses

There are many types of computer security threats that businesses need to be aware of, but one of the most serious is phishing. This is a method of duping…

6 Reasons VC Funding Isn’t Always the Best Goal

6 Reasons VC Funding Isn’t Always the Best Goal

Venture capital funding is to tech startups what the Wizard of Oz is to Dorothy — a longed-for solution to a central problem, imbued with a sense of power and…

The value of daydreaming

Letting Your Mind Go Free: The Value of Daydreaming

I sit at my desk, a warm mug of tea in my hands, and look out the window to my left. Across the narrow road is a wheat field, and peeking above the hedgerow I…

Online backups to protect business data

Why You Should Protect Business Data with Online Backups

I recently wrote about why backups are vital for everyone in business, and followed up with a story on the importance of local backups. Ideally, you should…

How to Start a Company

Starting a Company? Here’s What to Do First

Every entrepreneur has questions when starting a company. There are several sets of questions that every startup entrepreneur will face in the early days of…

how to hire sales reps

How to Hire Sales Reps for a Startup and Ensure Their Success

“Every person in your company is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors.” - Elon Musk Sustainable growth is essential for your…