How Got Startup Funding in 15 Days

Last October, came to Lighter Capital looking for an injection of capital to scale their business. The Chicago-based company creates tools that simplify stakeholder relations, communication, and ongoing performance tracking for more than 1,600 businesses.

Just 15 days after CEO Mike Preuss’s first phone call with the Lighter team, the company received a tranche of funding directly wired to their bank account. For those used to the typical six-to-nine-month process to secure venture capital funding, the speed of this transaction may seem hard to believe.

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March Deal Roundup

While rumor has it that March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb, here at Lighter we basked in the sunshine of good business all month long. We closed 15 funding deals with some phenomenal clients, including ten that we're working with for the first time and one that we're funding for the fourth.

Here’s a look at the companies we funded in March.


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How to Prep Your Financial Info for Investors

Seeking funding for your startup? Of course, you know you’ll need to present your financials to prospective investors. But what does that mean, exactly?

While there’s no one formula for how to lay out your numbers, there are some basic elements that you should include, even if just on a single slide in your pitch deck. But of course if funders are interested in your business, you’ll need to get more detailed.

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Congrats, You've Just Secured Funding. Now What?

This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for through those long hours of working to translate a fledgling idea into a real business. You’ve got funding.

Whether it’s a traditional bank loan, VC funding, or revenue-based financing, you’re now poised for a new level of success. And that means more responsibility, more planning, and more work.

Luckily, it’s exciting work. So let’s get down to it. Here’s what you need to do now.

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How to Market Like a Human

It’s tempting to think that our customers are rational – that they make logical decisions about what to buy and why. But since when have humans made decisions solely with their heads?

Researchers have found that people’s emotional states profoundly impact the decisions they make. Even sunshine can affect the stock market.

There are many different psychological triggers that can make a potential customer more likely to become an actual customer.

Here are a few on which you can easily capitalize in your marketing efforts.

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Is the Startup 'Cultural Chasm' Real?

Most startups begin life full of enthusiasm and energy, with a scrappy team of visionaries working hard to build the next big thing. It’s easy for those in charge to ride this wave of adrenalin without giving enough thought to what comes next, which is invariably a new phase of the business that involves an expanding staff, a more methodical approach, and – if companies aren’t careful – the onset of employee dissatisfaction.

A study of 100 early-stage ventures by David Niu, CEO of TINYpulse, and Mark Roberge, CRO of HubSpot, found that some 70% of startups start having problems in years three and four, with staff reporting increasing unhappiness. This dip in the team’s morale occurs no matter how blissed-out they were at the beginning.Read more

February Deal Roundup

February was a banner month here at Lighter Capital! On the last day of the month, we reached a big milestone — hitting the $100M mark in our investments to amazing tech startups across the country. This $100M accounts for around 400 deals with approximately 250 companies in 29 states.

We closed 15 funding deals last month put us over the finish line. Here's a look at the companies we funded in February.

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$100 Million Invested in Startups!

We're thrilled to share our latest milestone -- on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018, we reached $100M in investments. That's $100 million we've provided to growing tech startups across the US. We're obviously proud of this achievement, but we're even prouder of how our clients have been able to grow and reach new heights through our revenue-based funding. That's why we're in this business -- to revolutionize startup finance and help growing companies get to the next level, without giving up equity or control.Read more

5 Things We Learned at SaaStr Annual 2018

Our team was out in full force at SaaStr Annual in San Francisco earlier this month - wow, what a conference! Lighter Capital was a Gold Sponsor of the event again this year, and here are some of the key takeaways from our team. 

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First Lighter Capital Client Jive Communications Acquired by LogMeIn

We're thrilled to share that our first Lighter Capital client, Jive Communications, has been acquired by LogMeIn for up to $375M.

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