May Deal Roundup

May was another great month here at Lighter Capital! We closed seven deals -- three with new clients and four with returning borrowers. Welcome to our new clients and congratulations to all on your continued growth! Here’s a rundown of our May deals.

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Why Transparency is so Critical for Startups

“A Leader Struggles to Sell Software Meant to Aid Sales,” read the August 2014 New York Times headline about Matthew Bellows, founder and CEO of Yesware, Inc., a company that makes email tools for salespeople.

Revealing his struggles to a reporter was a moment of vulnerability for Bellows. But such openness is part and parcel of his management approach, which prizes extreme transparency as a way to encourage a thriving company culture.

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How Knowify Found the Perfect Source of Funding

Marc Visent, CEO of Knowify, and Allen Johnson, Chief Investment Officer at Lighter Capital, recently joined Intuit’s Developer Evangelist David Leary to talk about Knowify’s funding journey in an online “fireside chat.”

Here are some takeaways:

On Lighter Capital understanding SaaS models:

  • In seeking funding, Visent appreciated how Lighter Capital understands how SaaS companies work. “A bank doesn’t have the knowledge to lend to a subscription-based company like ours, but Lighter Capital has this knowledge about how these companies work,” he says. “We show them our numbers, we show them our model, we show them how we run our business—for them it was probably straightforward. While with everyone else, it’s a long journey of explaining what SaaS is, Lighter Capital are experts at this. That’s why it was a great option.”

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April Deal Roundup

Spring is finally here, and we have a spring in our step, thanks to all the 11 deals we closed last month. Our clients, both new and returning, are interesting and inspiring. We’re thrilled to be supporting all of them!

Here’s a rundown of the companies we funded in April.

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Getting Your Startup's Financial House in Order

Why is it essential for startups to have their financials in order?

This was the topic of a recent webinar that featured a lively conversation between Lighter Capital’s Chief Investment Officer Allen Johnson and Sirk Roh, consulting CFO of Early Growth Financial Services, a company that provides financial services to privately-funded, venture-backed startups.

The webinar focused on how startups can get their financials in shape to approach investors, but all the advice applies to any young company that wants to make sure its house is in good working order.

Fortunately, the essential advice on this topic is more straightforward than many assume.

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Top 6 Financial Mistakes to Avoid for Early-, Mid- and Late-Stage Startups

You're a startup founder. Your to-do list is never ending: hiring, culture, sales, marketing, product development, fundraising -- it goes on and on. With everything on your mind, founders often don't spend enough time thinking about their finances. Those startup leaders who understand (and avoid) specific financial pitfalls across the three stages of their company’s life--early, mid and late--are positioned to win. So, take note. Here are the big financial mistakes to avoid across the three stages of your startup, according to Tiffany Meyers at Built In Chicago, and Michael Burdick, CEO of Paro, a company providing an exclusive network of on-demand financial professionals.

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How Got Startup Funding in 15 Days

Last October, came to Lighter Capital looking for an injection of capital to scale their business. The Chicago-based company creates tools that simplify stakeholder relations, communication, and ongoing performance tracking for more than 1,600 businesses.

Just 15 days after CEO Mike Preuss’s first phone call with the Lighter team, the company received a tranche of funding directly wired to their bank account. For those used to the typical six-to-nine-month process to secure venture capital funding, the speed of this transaction may seem hard to believe.

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March Deal Roundup

While rumor has it that March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb, here at Lighter we basked in the sunshine of good business all month long. We closed 15 funding deals with some phenomenal clients, including ten that we're working with for the first time and one that we're funding for the fourth.

Here’s a look at the companies we funded in March.


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How to Prep Your Financial Info for Investors

Seeking funding for your startup? Of course, you know you’ll need to present your financials to prospective investors. But what does that mean, exactly?

While there’s no one formula for how to lay out your numbers, there are some basic elements that you should include, even if just on a single slide in your pitch deck. But of course if funders are interested in your business, you’ll need to get more detailed.

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Congrats, You've Just Secured Funding. Now What?

This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for through those long hours of working to translate a fledgling idea into a real business. You’ve got funding.

Whether it’s a traditional bank loan, VC funding, or revenue-based financing, you’re now poised for a new level of success. And that means more responsibility, more planning, and more work.

Luckily, it’s exciting work. So let’s get down to it. Here’s what you need to do now.

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