Lighter Capital Client TruClinic Acquired by InTouch Health

Last month, InTouch Health announced it is buying Lighter Capital client TruClinic, which specializes in providing consumer online virtual care.

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January Deal Roundup

2018 is off to a strong start. We completed 13 investments in January, welcoming six new clients and four returning companies. We’re glad you’re all part of the Lighter Capital family!

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11 Tips for SaaStr Annual 2018

SaaStr Annual is the most significant gathering of SaaS companies on the planet. Held February 6-8 in San Francisco, it’s three days of networking, learning, pitching and partying with thousands of smart, ambitious SaaS-focused people.

How do you make sure you get real ROI from a big conference such as SaaStr Annual? Our panel of experts answered that question and more during our "11 Tips for SaaStr Annual 2018" webinar.

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Funding for Entrepreneurs from Underrepresented Communities

A recent webinar co-hosted by Lighter Capital and Founders First Capital Partners offered insight into how revenue-based financing (RBF) can be a good source of growth funding for entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities.

Kim Folsom, CEO and founder of LIFT Development Enterprises and Founders First Capital Partners, and BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital, discussed what makes RBF unique and attractive, and shed light on whey it can be an effective option for women and minorities. Then RBF-funded entrepreneurs Linda Amaro, CEO of Klarinet Solutions, and Adam Riggs Zeigen, co-founder, and CEO of Rock My Run talked about how this type of funding has been helpful to their growing businesses.

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10 Must Follow Sites & Blogs for SaaS Entrepreneurs

SaaS entrepreneurs have no problem finding advice online. Blogging about how to succeed in this corner of the tech industry is practically its own cottage industry.

So which blogs and experts are worth your time? Here are 10 that deserve regular attention from anyone interested in SaaS startups.

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December Deal Roundup

As we head into the new year, here's a quick look at the end of 2017. We closed out December strong, with 17 deals total, bringing us to 141 deals total for the year - wow! Welcome to our new clients! Congrats also to our returning clients - it's great to see you continue to grow. Happy New Year!

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November Deal Roundup

November was a whirlwind here at Lighter Capital. We made it to Dreamforce 2017, and announced a brand new $15M fund for Intuit QuickBooks developers.

We funded 16 companies, too, including 6 new clients and 10 returning clients. Here’s a recap of our deals.

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The Startup's Guide to Hiring a Lawyer

Startups tend to have “DIY” in their DNA. Founders are likely to find themselves changing the copier toner or fixing a leaky faucet in the moments between updating the business plan and meeting with a prospective investor. Most entrepreneurs are clever and dedicated, but when it comes to legal matters, DIY doesn't cut it.

Smart startups hire themselves a lawyer.

There's nothing simple about business law. Even the seemingly basic stuff can be deceptively complex. Should you form an LLC or a C-Corp? What liabilities do you have? What in the world is “indemnity”? Hiring a lawyer might seem expensive, but it's a bargain compared to the costs of being on the wrong side of a lawsuit.
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New $15 million fund for Intuit QuickBooks developers

Today we're thrilled to announce a new $15 million fund to support Intuit developers and the QuickBooks platform. Working with Intuit, we launched the Lighter Capital Intuit Developer Fund for companies building apps on the QuickBooks platform, including QuickBooks Online, with its 2.38 million subscribers.

At Lighter Capital, we see strong potential in the Intuit developer ecosystem, and we want to help companies developing QuickBooks apps for small and medium-sized businesses get to get to the next level.

"As more SMBs turn to the cloud for core business functions and services, we believe we'll see increasing demand for developer apps to serve the QuickBooks Online community,” our CEO BJ Lackland told ProgrammableWeb. 

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October Deal Roundup

Welcome to November! Our busy fall continued in October. We funded 13 companies, including nine new clients and four returning clients. Welcome to our new clients and congrats to our returning clients on your continued growth!

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