• See you at Dreamforce 2015!

    by Patrick Doherty · 11 hours ago

    Are you heading to Saleforce.com’s annual Dreamforce extravaganza in San Francisco this year? If so, the Lighter Capital Team would love to see you there!

  • Why is convertible debt so popular for early-stage startups?

    by Melody Peng · yesterday

    Getting financing for your tech startup during the early, pre-revenue stages is always a challenge. That’s why, for the past decade or more, many entrepreneurs have been turning to convertible debt rounds with angel investors to get by until they gain revenue and traction.

  • Startup founder and recruiter-in-chief: converting candidates to employees

    by Michael Overell · Tuesday, August 18, 2015

    After you've identified your candidates for hire, negotiating the offers should be the easy part, right? Wrong. This process was surprisingly almost as time-consuming as selecting and interviewing the candidates. In a startup environment, you are asking your candidates to make a leap of faith. Here's what we did right:

  • Washington Technology Industry Association made a video about us!

    by Melody Peng · Tuesday, August 18, 2015

    Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) recently gave us the chance to introduce ourselves to the local tech community through a short video, explaining how our revenue-based loans provide a unique funding model for companies in our state—and throughout the country. It's only 2 minutes-but we had a great time filming it. Check it out!

  • 5 ways to maximize your startup's valuation

    by Melody Peng · Thursday, August 13, 2015

    Your startup valuation is essentially what investors think your company is worth, which has a huge impact on your company when you raise money. The higher your valuation, the less equity you have to give up for a particular dollar-amount of investment. Here are five tips for maximizing your company’s valuation in the eyes of investors.

  • Founder compensation: How much should you pay yourself?

    by Melody Peng · Friday, August 7, 2015

    When you are starting your own company, how much should you pay yourself? In the very early stages, founder salary is a non-issue. When there’s no revenue, there’s no paycheck- pretty simple. All that changes once you have your first investment money coming in. Suddenly, you need to weigh what’s in your best interest, what’s in the best interest of the company, and what you need to do to make ends meet.

  • How to attract potential buyers for your startup

    by David Ehrenberg · Friday, July 31, 2015

    How can I make my business attractive to potential acquirers? People start businesses for lots of reasons. Many don’t even consider their exit strategy initially, although this is something they should give thought to from day one. Since most exits are through acquisition, it makes sense to keep that possibility in mind and make sure that in the course of building your business, you avoid obvious moves that would discourage potential buyers.